Building Materials Design Ideas

August 03,2023

The Best Hidden Deck Fasteners: Concealed Elegance and Lasting Stability

Decks, those quintessential outdoor havens, serve as extensions of our living spaces, inviting us to bask in the open air. But what if we could take this experience to the next level? Enter concealed deck fasteners, the unsung heroes that elevate your deck’s appearance and structural integrity, all while keeping their existence a secret. In […]

May 04,2023

Decorative Corner Bead Options for 2023

When it comes to drywall installation, one very important component that’s needed is the corner bead. Since drywall is very brittle by nature, particularly the edges, it’s vital that there’s strength between the two pieces of drywall that meet. The corner bead comes in a variety of forms; some aren’t particularly the most aesthetically appealing, […]

beige siding
March 10,2023

13 Beige Siding Design Ideas

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that beige is having a bit of a moment in the spotlight. Everything is beige these days—toys, clothing, yes, even beige siding has become popular among designers. A warm neutral, it’s great for pairing with anything you could imagine. Even though this might be one of the […]

green siding colors
March 10,2023

13 Green House Siding Color Ideas

Green is one of the less popular colors for house siding, but we don’t feel like that should be the case. The right kind of green can turn a drab home into a fabulous home, and also make your house stand out among a sea of neutrals. It’s all about knowing how to style it. […]

March 10,2023

15 Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

A ranch house is a staple of old fashioned Americana, and it’s one of the most popular styles of housing in the country. It’s rustic, just a little rugged, and usually only has a single floor. Low to the ground and cowboy chic, you can’t go wrong with a ranch home. But, to make it […]

Mid Century Modern Siding
March 10,2023

18 Mid Century Modern Siding Design Ideas

It’s so strange to think that the 1960s were the era of mid century modern design, and that the era was about 70 years ago. Despite how far back it was, designers still look at it as a source of inspiration. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these mid century modern siding design ideas. […]