14 Tile Designs for Your Living Room Wall


Andrea Erickson

March 10,2023

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When people think of rooms with tiles in them, we usually think of bathrooms or kitchens. We generally don’t think of a living room. However, we probably should. Tiling is a new trend that is taking the interior design world by storm.

Want to get in on the trend? Want to see how the companies that make trendy homes happen are using it? Check out our list of tile designs for living room walls. You’ll love the way your home looks.

1. Slated For Success

tiles design for living room wall

Everyone’s been talking about how gray has become the neutral of the 2010s and 2020s. We agree. What many people don’t realize is how great slate gray tiles can look in a modern living room. This elegant wall works well with cool colors like green, blue, and purple. Balance it out with warm woods, and you have a recipe for success.

2. Blue It

tiles design for living room wall

Stone tiling might make your home look old school, but that doesn’t mean that you have to worry about it being boring or archaic. A quick splash of color can make a word of difference. This designer stained stone tiles in a wide range of blues and grays. This made the living room wall look textured, earthy, and downright chic.

3. Taken For Granite

tiles design for living room wall

The look of golden granite is always warm, inviting, and luxurious. Here, a designer matched the granite tiling of a living room floor to the wall. The end result is something that looks seamless and elegant. Golden granite, in particular, gave this home an ambiance of timeless sophistication. The cream and black furniture in the picture only enhanced that ambiance.

4. Grey Blocks

tiles design for living room wall

Remember how school bathrooms had that rectangular, blocky tile that always looked retro? You can bring that into your living room. Don’t worry, you can elevate it. Here, the blocky look of the “bathroom tile” actually adds texture to the wall and makes it stand out among the rest of the room’s features. It’s a good thing.

5. Extra Large

tiles design for living room wall

Extra large “panel” tiles have become as popular as can be. It’s easy to see why. They add an element of continuity and luxury that smaller tiles don’t. This look works well for homes that want a sleek modern appearance with tons of clean lines and minimal upkeep. Light gray also helps open up the room without making it too bright.

6. Gaga Over Geometry

tiles design for living room wall

If you want tile over your living room wall, then you want to have a home that makes a statement. That much is clear. You don’t want a backdrop that you could get with paint. So, why not go for a tile setup that is very focused on delivering texture? This designer chose triangular tiles to help boost the home’s action and make it look more modern.

7. Dark Gray

tiles design for living room wall

People who want a tile living room wall are looking to make a statement—and a bold one, at that. So, why not stick to using a color that makes a statement as bold as the material you want to use? This homeowner chose dark gray stonework to turn a typical home into a magazine-worthy place. To make it even more modern, he added a bunch of dark gray furniture.

8. A Satin Sheen

tiles design for living room wall

One of the perks of having a tile design for living room wall setups is the access you get to special effects. This designer used a gray-beige tile wall to make a very glitzy statement. The tiles in this picture have a pearlescent shine to them that reflects light and makes them look like silk pillows. It’s a great way to diffuse light and turn your home onto a unique work of art.

9. Bricked Up

tiles design for living room wall

In New York, exposed brick walls are considered to be a major selling point. Today, most of us don’t have buildings that involve real brick. This designer offered an updated brick wall made of perfectly fitted gray brick tiles. It’s clean, stone, and oh, so elegant!

10. Mix Up The Bricks

tiles design for living room wall

Another way to make tile designs work with the brick wall concept is to avoid the even texture that many developers choose to have. This home makes a point of using bricks that are uneven and jut out at odd angles. This adds texture to the home and also makes the tile look more like a realistic brick wall.

11. Rainbow!

tiles design for living room wall

Today’s trends tend to err on the side of neutrals, primarily because neutral colors are very easy to pair. Sometimes, the most rebellious thing you can do is add a ton of color to your home. This designer decided to go all the way with their love of color by choosing an eclectic series of tiles in every color of the rainbow. It’s exciting and youthful. What’s not to love?

12. Marble Sizing

tiles design for living room wall

This home features two living room tile design features that make it look extra pricey. First, they use marble-look large-size panel tiles to make their wall look like it was carved from stone. Then, they made a point of using various tile sizes to add action to the eye. White marble, in particular, was a luxurious tile color choice. However, you can use any marble color and make it work.

13. Bold N’ Black

tiles design for living room wall

This thin tile wall is meant as a divider between the living room and the dining room. Its powerful black sheen makes it incredibly striking. For a home done up in black and white, nothing could be a better pick. It’s a “WOW” factor taken to the next level.

14. Partial And Patterned

tiles design for living room wall

The last of our entries involving a tile design for living room walls involves a spanish pattern tile design used over half the wall. This gave the living room a Mediterranean flair that looks amazing and also delivers the color you need for a lively, cozy home. It just proves our point: tiles can be used in any room. You just need the right concept to turn your room into a designer’s new dream.

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