Meet The Advisors

Collin Fowler

Editor and Lead Building Product Advisor

Collin Fowler is an architect with extensive experience in both commercial and residential builds. He is the lead Building Product Advisor on the latest and most innovative building products on the market.

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Wally Roderick

Building Product Writer and Researcher

Wally has over 35 years of experience in the residential construction. Previously, Wally was a custom home builder but now is semi-retired with a side gig in article writing and an online handyman business.

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Jeff Guthrie

Roofing Professional

Jeff Guthrie, founder of Phoenix Roofing and Repair is a lead Building Product Advisor on Roofing and Siding materials.

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Richard Callahan

Landscape Architect

Richard Callahan is a Landscape Architect with El Paso Artificial Grass & Turf. He is the lead Building Product Advisor on landscaping and exterior home design.

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Corey Tyner

Real Estate Developer & Investor

Corey Tyner is the Founder of Offer Climb, Buy Yo Dirt, and Dwell Well. He is the lead Building Product Advisor on building and land development.

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Mark Mitchell

Building Materials Marketing Specialist

Mark Mitchell, founder of Whizard Strategy is a lead Building Product Advisor for Building Product Professionals.

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Our mission is to provide architects, contractors, installers, builders, homeowners, and others who routinely use and spec building products with expert insights and transparency data in the building materials industry.

Whether you are trying to decide which decking material would work best for a certain climate, or determining which materials to include in your specs for a net zero energy efficient building, our credentialed experts and trained researchers have you covered with comprehensive and unbiased building materials content.

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