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May 04,2023

Can You Put Cork Flooring Over Heated Floor?

Cork flooring isn’t anything new; it’s actually been rising in popularity thanks to the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. So due to its sustainability, more homeowners are after this flooring. When you look right at the light brown hue of the flooring, it seems quite warm, right? While all shades of cork offer that neutral […]

backdraft dampers
May 03,2023

Backdraft Dampers Buyers Guide for 2023

Whether it’s a home or any enclosed space, they have a way of spreading and sharing germs. It’s not just germs that become an issue; dust, bacteria, dander, pollen, and other harmful things tend to spread throughout the home or other shared spaces. When it comes to allergens such as dander or pollen, they can […]

roof pavers guide
April 21,2023

Roof Pavers Buyers Guide for 2023

What are roof pavers? This is a question that more businesses and penthouse owners are asking themselves. Roof deck pavers are becoming one of the most popular and common roofing solutions for homes, and this especially includes commercial settings too. Not only do these concrete pavers protect your rooftop from the elements, but thanks to […]

April 20,2023

Metal Decking Buyers Guide for 2023

What is a metal deck? Is metal decking right for your next commercial project? Also known as steel decking, this has been used in so many different applications from roof construction, flooring, and even siding too. There are different names, such as Form Deck and B Deck, for this, but which is best? In fact, […]

Stone Veneer Buyers Guide for 2023 3
April 20,2023

Stone Veneer Buyers Guide for 2023

If you’re looking for a stone veneer buyer’s guide, then look no further than here! While stone and brick have been used for centuries to create beautiful homes that withstand the test of time, these can be expensive. On top of that, a skilled mason needs to be present for the installation. If you want […]

alternative materials for wood in construction
March 10,2023

5 Excellent Alternative Materials for Wood in Construction

There is no denying the timeless beauty that wood can add to a construction project. In addition, wood is a rather versatile material that can be used for a wide array of purposes, both interior and exterior. However, with the entire country on the lookout for ways to mitigate fire risk and create more sustainable […]