Richard Callahan

Richard Callahan is a Landscape Architect with El Paso Artificial Grass & Turf. Richard currently calls El Paso, Texas home. Prior to joining El Paso Artificial Grass & Turf, Richard worked with another landscape architect company in Phoenix, Arizona. Richard specializes in xeriscaping and focuses on bringing the native beauty of the southwest into his landscaping designs. Richard is retired military and a proud veteran who served his country for over 20 years. Richard has always been drawn to the outdoors and after retiring from the military he was able to complete his undergraduate degree in botany. He utilizes his degree and knowledge of plants and the environment to create unique spaces for his clients, paying close attention to how his design impacts the surrounding environment.

In his free time, Richard can be found hiking in the Franklin or Organ Mountains in El Paso and Las Cruces with his dog, Monty.

Check out Richard's recent work below:

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