13 Beige Siding Design Ideas

beige siding

Max Shafer

March 10,2023

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that beige is having a bit of a moment in the spotlight. Everything is beige these days—toys, clothing, yes, even beige siding has become popular among designers. A warm neutral, it’s great for pairing with anything you could imagine.

Even though this might be one of the easiest siding colors to work with, it’s always good to have a little inspiration to lean on. These beige siding design ideas have been a smash hit with designers. You better believe it’ll look great for you, too.

1. Beige N’ Blue Cottage

beige siding

A light creamy beige looks beautiful for any home, but this Victorian-colonial hybrid really took to it well. The paleness of the color made it look like it belongs somewhere in the English countryside. Light beige has that look of being delicate and warm at the same time. Here, they paired it with a navy blue door for a truly regal twist.

2. Beige And White In The Country

beige siding

Another classic pairing is to add beige siding with white trim. Here, a small shed was given a country makeover with beige siding, white trim, and pale wood accents. The light color helped the home look a lot larger than it really is. For drama, a black patio roof was added. The end result is something that looks amazing, even if it costs little to attain.

3. Adding More Homeiness To It

beige siding

So, this home has the exact same concept as the picture before, but the difference is all in the execution. The lighting here is focused on classic bistro lights, giving this home a more traditional and eclectic appearance. The beige siding here helps warm up the home immensely. It makes it look “shabby chic.”

4. Add Some Black

beige siding

Did you know that painting your front door black can add as much as 10% more on top of the price of your home? It’s true, and it’s easy to see why here. The black door and trim give this beige house an elegant and sophisticated feel. Though it does have dark colors, it doesn’t feel icy. Beige has a unique way of warming up a home’s exterior in a way that other neutrals simply can’t.

5. Beige Wood?

beige siding

Not all beige siding is going to have the look of lap or paneling. This modern home decided to choose a medium-beige (or even tan) siding made of wood. This gave the house in question a beautiful woody appearance that meshed well with the boxy, mid century home architecture. Truth be told, you can never go wrong with a light-stained wood siding option.

6. Viva La Greige

beige siding

Beige has a lot of different shades in its family. Greige is a grayish beige that offers a cooling, elegant look to a home exterior. Much like a warm sidewalk cement color, greige siding is neutral and familiar. Here, we see it paired with black trim and heavy glass accents for a look that’s warm, fun, and at the same time, incredibly comfy.

7. Beige To Brown

beige siding

Monochromatic looks don’t have to be limited to colors. When you darken beige, you get brown. This color palette has become famous among contemporary and modern homes. It’s warm, inviting, and also happens to have a professional veneer that makes it great for office buildings, too. If you love beige, this is an excellent choice.

8. Beige, Grey, And Green

beige siding

This home has tons of light beige siding with accents of mint green and brown. The overall result is something that looks corporate but welcoming—and we mean that in the best way possible. The emphasis on pastel siding and large, towering glass windows helps open up the home. What a view those homeowners must have!

9. A Beige Gingerbread House

beige siding

Gingerbread Victorian trim has a certain charm that needs the right siding color to truly flaunt the curves of the trim. This home chose a light beige with brown and white accessories to make the architecture look clean. The pale beige makes this home look like a beach house. We’re fans of it, and so would many oceanside communities.

10. Beige And Shake

beige siding

Looking for a way to telegraph that you own a summery beach house? Beige siding looks impeccable with shake. More importantly, shake siding is a classic staple among beach houses. It’s rugged enough to look rustic, but also has that driftwood appearance that works well with oceanic themes. Here we see greige and beige in different sections of the house.

11. Greige Mix N’ Match

beige siding

Another way to work with a coastal home is to mix shake with vertical panel siding. This home uses gray-beige siding in two different textures. This gives the home a reclaimed look that is both rugged and traditional at the same time. Fans of beach houses will love the look of shake alongside lap paneling. We guarantee it!

12. Beige On Stone

beige siding

We’ve already talked at length about how important it is to pair beige with a darker color. However, we’ve mostly focused on traditional beige siding—such as lap siding. We didn’t talk about the fact that stone facades can also count as home siding. Here, we see how beige stonework can add a traditional twist on a contemporary home. It looks so sculpted, doesn’t it?

13. Beige Farmhouse

beige siding

Finally, we want to point out that beige siding is a great choice for people who want to accentuate a house’s lines. Here, beige and black roofing create a smart outline to a home that was designed to focus on a gable. The beige made the gable look extra large, while the dark roof helped bring it to the forefront of a person’s focus.

If you want a safe way to make your home’s exterior look luxurious, it’s clear that beige is a smart choice. HOAs love beige siding, and so do architects. It works with all trim colors and can make any architectural style look complete. So, don’t worry. If you’re feeling lost on what to pick, just pick any shade of beige!

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