15 Ranch House Siding Design Ideas


Max Shafer

March 10,2023

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A ranch house is a staple of old fashioned Americana, and it’s one of the most popular styles of housing in the country. It’s rustic, just a little rugged, and usually only has a single floor. Low to the ground and cowboy chic, you can’t go wrong with a ranch home. But, to make it really work, you need to have the right siding.

Siding can make or break a ranch home. Check out our list of ranch siding ideas for a new take on how to jazz up your home.

1. Weathered Wood

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Weathered wood, particularly in a darker shade of color, can make a powerfully rustic statement. This gives your home a “dude ranch” feeling that will look perfect in desert communities as well as areas where you want to bring out the country vibe. To get the full look, make sure to add weathered wood accessories and a firepit outdoors.

2. White Siding, Wood Accent

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Ranch house siding ideas often focus on adding grit, but this white seamless siding actually does the opposite. It gives the home a cleaner, more modern look that also acts as a foil for the building. The weathered wood looks rustic, but there’s no question that this home is well-maintained thanks to the seamless siding.

3. Get Stoned

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

A stone exterior always adds a little old world wealth to a home, doesn’t it? This ranch home blends stone and wood together to make an excellent impression. The warm stonefront and wooden siding here looks phenomenal. It’s a popular ranch house siding idea for larger homes.

4. Gone Dark

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Wow! Does this home have a dark exterior or is it just us? Darker siding has become popular for particularly large ranches. We can see the appeal. It’s elegant in a way that only dark siding can be. To make things a little lighter and also give the home a better outline, they added pale stone
pillars as part of the bottom floor exterior.

5. Mixed Metal

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Metal siding is a great pick for people who need rugged durability. This home decided to choose not one, but two different siding colors to add a little extra action to this home’s exterior. It’s one of the most popular ranch house siding design ideas on this list—especially for farmers who want a home that matches their lifestyle.

6. Dark Metal

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Brushed matte metal siding looks dramatic when it’s done in a darker color like dark gray. This home has a remarkably good look for a home that is dramatic and just a little gritty. It’s not too gritty, though. It can actually be quite clean.

7. Extra Wide Siding

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Most ranch homes need to have a little texture to their siding in order to make the house look a little more rustic. This home has extra wide metal siding panels that make it easy to add dimension to the home. The crisp, clean lines also give the home an upscale vibe.

8. Gone Gray

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Light gray is an often maligned color when it comes to ranch house siding design ideas. Light gray can help bring out the look of your home’s texture and enhance the architectural features you worked so hard to create. Here, we see a house that has siding that matches the roof. It’s daring and incredibly pretty.

9. Full Cabin

ranch house siding ideas

Repurposed wood siding naturally goes with ranch home exteriors. It’s a great way to turn a ranch house into a sweet little cabin, or a more stately mountain home. Here, we see wood take on a more Western look thanks to the architecture. It’s “cowboy ranch” siding done right.

10. Rounded Stone

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Ranch house siding ideas often will include gritty wood and sheet metal. That much is obvious. Here, the big change is how the designers used stone to frame the front of the house. It’s a beautiful home that has a heavy emphasis on rounded stone accents. The front of the house gives the rest of the home a more warming ambiance.

11. Stripey Wood Siding

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Remember how we said that reclaimed wood siding is a smart choice for ranch homes? Look at the wood on the side of this building. The reclamation process gave it a stripey, aged look that is incredibly trendy these days. It also helps give the entire home a more weathered and lived-in appearance.

12. All White Everything

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

A major trend among designers is to outfit a home with white siding, white trim, and even white roofing. That’s what this ranch home designer did. It remains one of the most beautiful ranch house siding design ideas on this list, not to mention one of the most strikingly traditional choices, too.

13. White On Grey

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Love the idea of having crisp white siding, but don’t want to splurge on a white roof that may be hard to clean? No problem. Do what this designer did and pair it with a more dust-friendly light gray roof. It gives you a similar effect with a slightly less demanding cleaning schedule.

14. Different Strokes (Of Stain)

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

Did you ever notice how bold houses that have different wood stains can be? This home decided to take wood siding to the next level by adding a different stain color to each plank. It’s a rainbow of colors that makes the home stand out and look amazing. This unique take on wood siding is enough to ensure that the home will have ample curb appeal and also be the house everyone can recognize.

15. Poured Concrete

Ranch House Siding Design Ideas

When people think of ranch homes, poured concrete is the last thing they consider. Here, we see ranch-meets-industrial with a poured concrete exterior mixed with reclaimed wood. It’s sturdy, stylish, and undeniably statement-making. If you have a ranch home but don’t want cowboy vibes, then this is a great choice for you.

As you can see, ranch house siding doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. It can be pretty chic, if you give it a shot. Hope we helped inspire you!

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