Decorative Corner Bead Options for 2023


Sam Willis

May 04,2023

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When it comes to drywall installation, one very important component that's needed is the corner bead.

Since drywall is very brittle by nature, particularly the edges, it's vital that there's strength between the two pieces of drywall that meet.

The corner bead comes in a variety of forms; some aren't particularly the most aesthetically appealing, while others are perfect if you're looking for ways to enhance your wall.

So let's look at some decorative corner bead options available if you're looking into a DIY installation.

What are corner beads used for?

While corner beads are meant to conjoin two pieces of drywall together to help create strength, let's take a look at some other important functions that a corner bead offers.

Strengthening the Walls

As mentioned earlier, corner beads play a major role in strengthening the walls. It helps keep the corners together and prevents any sort of flexing.

This is especially important when it comes to walls that deal with a lot of stress, such as doors and windows. Overall, it's meant to help keep walls durable and less susceptible to damage.

Corner Protection

Protecting the corners of the drywall is one of the biggest benefits that's offered. It's meant to protect the corner of the walls from getting any damage.

Plus, corners tend to be the more prominent area that's more vulnerable to wear and tear, especially when it comes to renovation projects. So you can see the corner beads, even decorative ones, as a way to provide a protective barrier.

In addition, it's going to help prevent any breaking, chipping, or cracking. Overall, it's going to help maintain the wall and its corner for years to come.

Aesthetically Pleasing Walls

Last but certainly not least, the corner beads are aesthetically pleasing. These offer a more finished and refined look to the walls, and decorative corner beads can help make the wall better overall.

There are a large variety of styles and finishes available out there. Plus, these can be painted in any color that you'd want to create a seamless appearance.

Overall, one of the best options available for decorative corner beads options for Trim-Tex. Offering a large variety from Jambs to Bullnose in plastic, metal, and vinyl material, you're going to count on a wide variety of finishes for your corner walls.

Is it Possible to Install Decorative Corner Bead By Myself?

If you're handy, then there is a chance that you might be able to do the installation yourself. If you've installed drywall before, then you already have the right tools for installing a corner bead.

Since corner beads, including decorative ones, tend to be short in length, you can count on these to be easily done by one person.

What Types of Corner Beads are Available for Purchase?

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There's a wide variety of drywall corner bead types; these come in various forms but it all really depends on how and where it's used. For the most part, vinyl, and plastic corner beads tend to be the same size and length and can usually be found in home improvement stores too. Let's take a look at some of the different corner beads available out there.

Arch Corner Bead

One of the specialties from Trim-Tex, these flexible decorative corner beads are ideal for creating rounded edges such as an archway. This contains a slot every few centimeters to create a gentle arch.

Metal Veneer

The metal veneer corner bead is used for drywall, plaster, and stucco. This is meant to replace the solid nailing surface whenever metal veneer for drywall helps out in allowing it to create a rigid corner, thanks to the compound being squeezed.

Metal Corner Bead

The basic metal corner bead is a bit different than the metal veneer. It's not entirely DIY friendly as the metal can be very sharp, and it bends easily too. So it's special gloves will need to be worn.

Paper Faced Metal Bead

Since there are some drywall panels that are thicker than others, such as due to layers, then this type of corner bead can be an option. It's effective for wide surfaces.

Bullnose Corner Bead

If you're looking for round corners, then look no further than the bullnose. It's common in southwestern building designs, and it offers a more graceful arch shape rather than the rigid 90-degree angle.

Plastic/Vinyl Corner Bead

One of the easiest corner beads to get on the market, this is especially DIY-friendly. However, due to the weak materials, these dent to dent and bend very easily, so they will need to be handled with care.

What Tools Are Needed for Installing Decorative Corner Beads?

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For the most part, most DIY tools can get the job done, such as a metal shears, a blade, a cordless drill, and a hammer. But you'll still need other equipment as well, such as eye protection, gloves, and some measuring tape; these are items that nearly all DIYers have as well.

Most corner beads will be installed with a #6 drywall nail or one ¼" drywall screw. Ideally, screws are always better than nails when installing the decorative corner bead. In the end, this can be a fairly simple DIY project as long as you have the right materials.

Enhance Your Corner Bead with Decorative Options Today!

Since corner beads are needed for your walls, why not go with a nicer option, such as decorative corner beads? These can be a great addition to any home renovation or construction project. You can count on decorative corner beads to provide a clean and finished look to the corners of walls, but they also offer a range of style options to suit different design preferences. From simple and sleek to ornate and intricate, there are decorative corner bead options to fit any aesthetic. 

Ultimately, the choice of decorative corner bead comes down to personal preference and the overall design of the space. By taking the time to explore the different options available, homeowners and contractors can find the perfect corner bead to add the finishing touch to their walls.

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