18 Mid Century Modern Siding Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Siding

Max Shafer

March 10,2023

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It’s so strange to think that the 1960s were the era of mid century modern design, and that the era was about 70 years ago. Despite how far back it was, designers still look at it as a source of inspiration. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these mid century modern siding design ideas.

1. Keep It Light

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Mid Century paneling was usually an earthy brown, tan, or beige. Why not mix things up with a pale pastel siding color instead? If your home features midcentury architecture, this choice will switch things up for a truly unique take on retro glamor.

2. Gone Dark

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Dark siding is very rare to see these days, but this rich chocolate brown siding is phenomenal. Deep browns are ideal for the slanted rooftops of a midcentury home, primarily because they offer a dramatic way to highlight the silhouette of the house.

3. Brushed Stone, Iced Windows, And Wood

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Variety is the spice of life, is it not? This designer chose multiple siding styles alongside multiple window styles. Frosted glass, brushed wood, and elegant exterior wood cladding made this home look like a multidimensional work of art.

4. Crisp White And Wood

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Looking to make the most of a midcentury home? One of the best mid century modern siding ideas is to use white stone siding paired with deep chestnut brown wood. It dials up the contrast for a dramatic and clean look.

5. Cobblestone

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

THis home has a lot of brown, black, and gray. That’s normal, but have you noticed the elegant cobblestone (or stacked stone) siding on the center of the home? It’s beautiful and helps add tremendous curb appeal.

6. Dark Stone

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Pastel stacked stone looks great for a mid century modern siding plan, but you don’t have to stick to light colors to make this work. This home adds the same texture that you’d expect in a traditional 60s home, but with a more woodsy look.

7. Mon Vie En Noir

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Pitch black modern lap siding is a rare find, but it’s easy to see why this home designer chose it. There is a certain level of sophisticated drama that only black siding can offer a building. Are you bold enough to give this a shot?

8. Go Darker

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Matte black siding does it again, but wait, it’s not all gloom and goth! This home has a lot of bold oranges and browns to help balance it out. The pavement’s light gray also adds a slick contrast that would make many designers envious.

9. Monochromatic Wonder

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Midcentury homes are often done in a wide array of different colors. This home used a monochromatic siding color palette to make it look sleek, modern, and surprisingly unified. A monochromatic gray or beige palette will always look elegant.

10. I’m Blue

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

It’s so rare to see houses that make an effort to stand out these days. Bold blues like this aqua mesh beautifully with the architecture of a mid century modern home. It’s doubly true when you look at the wood siding on one section of the home.

11. Woodn’t You Say…?

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Wood (and wood-colored) siding is one of the best choices for a midcentury modern house. The reason why deals with its authenticity to the time period. It’s why mid century modern siding tends to have a brown look to it. Wood is timeless, just like this design.

12. A Sage Choice

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Here, we see sage green mid century modern siding that works well with all the terracotta accents lining the house. The dark green keeps the home looking earthy, but still adds that modern touch that makes people fall in love with midcentury design.

This is a daring home color that can pay off well if you have the right architecture. If you aren’t sure whether it’s a bright move, use white instead of black. Your HOA might like that a bit more.

13. Light Cherry Wood

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Wooden siding is always a popular choice when it comes to mid century modern siding options. However, it’s usually a dark chestnut shade, or in more contemporary options, a light birch. This cherry stain makes the wood look particularly inviting. If you want to make it even warmer, add brass accents and some warm recessed lighting.

14. Seeing Grays

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Monochromatic looks are always a smart pick for home siding, simply because it’s a great way to add cohesion to a design. When you add grayscale to the outside of a midcentury building, it’s tempting to feel like you’re in the middle of a classic vintage photo. Grayscale building siding is excellent for people who want to have something that looks smart and effortless.

15. Orange You Glad?

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Orange-tinted wood siding and an orange door are bold statements that very few people are willing to use on a home. Paired with bold black matte, it makes a statement unlike any other. It’s Southwestern, but still stately. Expect to see this color palette blossom throughout the Midwest.

16. Wood Detail

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Matching the wood siding to the patio floor of this home was a striking move that definitely added unity to the exterior of the home. Seeing that orange and black contrast once more adds even more dimension.

17. It’s All White

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

Want to turn a modern home into a beach house? Look no further than a facade that emphasizes clean, airy colors like white. This all-white siding helps make this home look new, well-maintained, and above all, clean.

18. The Creme De La Creme

Mid Century Modern Siding Design

People often forget how beautiful cream can be as a siding color, especially when it’s paired with the wood and stone facades that are so common in midcentury homes. It’s a warmer way to add color to your home without diverging too much from the typical standard color palette of a mid century modern home.

As you can see, there are a ton of different ways to work with mid century modern siding as well as the architecture of the home itself. You can always expect mid century design to look chic and enviable. It’s just that cool.

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