13 Green House Siding Color Ideas

green siding colors

Max Shafer

March 10,2023

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Green is one of the less popular colors for house siding, but we don’t feel like that should be the case. The right kind of green can turn a drab home into a fabulous home, and also make your house stand out among a sea of neutrals. It’s all about knowing how to style it.

Green house siding color can be a great pick for people who want to turn a home into art. These photos show how major designers have turned this siding color into a major statement for beautiful homes.

1. Hunter Green

green siding colors

Hunter green with black trim immediately gives people the ambiance of a Japanese garden. Its deep matcha hue works well with evergreen plants as well as pale pottery accessories. If you have a home that has a lot of Asian inspiration, then this is an amazing way to complement the architecture and accessories you choose.

2. Go Bold

green siding colors

Now, this is a pop of color! Jungle green with a deep blue undertone will make any home stand out. However, the designer here went the extra mile by adding light mint green trim to the windows and door. The end result is a house that everyone will recognize on the street—a truly unique take on green house siding color palettes that will make homeowners smile. Somehow, we can see this look being popular in Ireland.

3. Cloudy Green

green siding colors

Many homes that boast green siding make a point of having the green be one single, uniform, solid color. That’s great for most houses, but what if you want to add texture? This home has green stucco that has been gently “patted” on, giving it a cloudy, multicolored look that adds texture without it being hackneyed or laggy.

4. White And Green

green siding colors

If you have a particular shade of green that your heart’s set on, we don’t have to make a case for it in this article. Sometimes you just need to find the right trim color to pair it with. White trim has the ability to make any home pop, and that includes a home with green house siding. It’s a universal neutral that looks phenomenal.

5. Key Lime

green siding colors

Are you looking for a way to channel your inner 1950s family? During that era, families often chose bright and colorful siding colors. Green house siding with a pastel lime hue will help bring your home to a time when things were a bit more innocent. It’s a stylish way to make a home delightfully retro, especially with standard lap siding.

6. Gunmetal Green

green siding colors

Dark greens can look so dramatic, especially when the siding is made of a brushed metal like the one here. It’s a modern take on a color that looks traditional in most settings, but can easily get elevated to a sleeker look. Contemporary siding just got a whole lot cooler.

7. A Sage Choice

green siding colors

Dark sage and a light green trim is one way to add a country cottage look to your house. Here, we see a dark sage siding color that is trimmed with pale green and black accents. It gives the home a very woodsy, outdoorsy appearance that works well with its cottage architecture.

8. Gone Victorian

green siding colors

Victorian houses take to green house siding colors like a duck to water. It’s basically a match made in heaven. The designer here gave this a dark green exterior and added light gray trim around the windows to emphasize all the woodwork. It makes the gingerbread trim look all the better.

9. Light Green N’ Black

green siding colors

Pastel green is always a striking color to choose for your home’s siding. In the case of this “she shed,” it was used to create a cute contrast that is perfect for a quirky, fun place to chill out away from all the craziness of the world. If you want to have a funky look to a shed that’s meant for relaxation, then this is a cute way to make it happen.

10. New Tech Modern

green siding colors

Large plate siding in a bright chartreuse green works well with dark browns and light browns, especially when you are trying to emphasize a modern building’s architecture. This particular designer chose green because it is a commercial building with a rather large garage. Green is a color of prosperity, which makes it a great pick for commercial buildings.

11. Chartreuse, Chartreuse

green siding colors

Chartreuse is definitely having a major boost in popularity, especially when it’s paired with a rich dark walnut brown wooden siding. (Actually, most green house siding color ideas have some element of brown or white in them.) This home decided to go big with it by choosing to make the majority of their home green, with broad, square panels that are absolutely massive. It’s a smart way to emphasize mid century modern design.

12. Burning Man Would Be Proud

green siding colors

Is it us, or does this funky neon green house look like it belongs in Black Rock City? The trippy appearance of the geometric house definitely works well with the bold color of neon green. There’s no doubt that this house was meant to be a party house. After all, that kind of loud color basically screams for entertainment, don’t you think?

13. Monochromatic Green

green siding colors

If you want to have a house that looks unified in its appearance, the easiest way to make it happen is to offer a monochromatic look. This dark green house has trim that is slightly darker than the siding. Then, the roof and door are black. In the windows and vents, you can see an off-white with just a hint of green. It’s a cohesive color palette that is visually stunning.

If you want to choose a house color that’s not quite traditional, then green may be a good option for you. It’s a versatile choice that works with almost any home style. A color like green needs a little planning and a lot of inspiration. With a little hope, our green house siding color ideas made your life a little bit easier.

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