Zar Deck Stain Reviews

Zar Deck Stain Reviews

Todd Gillman

December 24,2022

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If you have a deck or porch, then you probably know the importance of wood care. Whether indoors or outdoors, the wood can wear down overall, which could easily make even the prettiest wooden elements look terrible. Interior and exterior wood care and repair are needed for anything made with wood, whether it’s a deck, porch, furniture wood stain colors, or even the house itself.

Since wood is a natural material, it’s very durable, so woo preservation is needed as this is going to help the wood retain its beautiful appearance for years to come. It’s easy for wood to get damaged, especially when facing outdoor elements. If you want your deck to look new for years to come, then Zar’s products are going to be for you. Let’s dive into why you should incorporate wood care into your wooden elements.

Importance of Interior and Exterior Wood Care

Zar Deck Stain Reviews

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When it comes to porches and decks, they’re often the main focus of a home’s exterior. The porch is usually the main focal point for the front yard, while the deck is going to be the focal point for the backyard. While the aesthetics alone could immediately have an effect on the overall look of the home, why else would the best interior wood stain and exterior wood care and repair so important?

1. Decay Prevention

Timber treatment is important as wood, especially exterior wood, is constantly hit by outdoor elements such as the weather. When wood gets damp frequently, this is going to impact preservation to it. You’re going to have to prevent its decay. The life of timber can be heavily shortened, and that’s all due to the decay itself.

2. Cost Effective

It’s a lot cheaper to focus on upkeep than it is to have a destroyed deck and then need to rebuild it again. The same goes for any other wooden element too. Having general maintenance and upkeep is cheaper in the long run.

3. Prevents Hazards

It’s fairly obvious that wood is prone to rotting, which is why the wood needs to be sealed. If wood is facing decay, then that means that there is already a hazard that the deck will collapse. Rot is able to develop in a variety of ways, such as termites, mildew, and even mold. Whenever the rotting process begins, there isn’t a way to stop it, which is why it needs to be prevented immediately.

4. Protection from Natural Elements

Natural elements can be dangerous to wood, whether it’s constant rain, dry heat, or freezing temperatures. All of these can cause the destruction of wood. Sunlight isn’t entirely known for causing damage, but if the wood is unsealed, it can not only damage it but cause discoloration too. When you seal and stain wood, you’re not only preserving its appearance but also protecting your deck’s structural integrity. This way, it’s entirely free from any threats.

5. Cheaper than Repairs

It’s cheaper to have regular upkeep on your deck. Not only is this cheaper, but it is something that can even be DIY’ed. In the long run, this is cheaper, lasts longer, and means you won’t have to worry about repairs.

6. Aesthetics

While most people think that stain is only about aesthetics, this is just one of the small benefits. One of the main appeals that wood offers are its natural look. You can preserve this and leave your wood, especially the deck, looking beautiful for years to come when you stain it.

Why It’s Essential to Choose the Right Product

Zar Deck Stain Reviews

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When it comes to the exterior finish of your wood, you’re going to have to make sure you’re choosing the right products for the job, as not merely anything will do. Here are some essential reasons why you’re going to need to look closely into products before your purchase.

1. Color and Gloss Retention

Chances are, you’re not going to be able to avoid direct light when it comes to your deck since these are usually in sunny spots. However, it’s important to know that direct sunlight will degrade the pigment of paint and binders over time. This means that your deck is going to lose its gloss. You’re going to want a stain that keeps the color and gloss retention, so your deck can stay gorgeous for years to come. This is something that Zar’s products know a lot about!

2. Durability

It’s so important that you pick something that you know for a fact will be durable. Even with floors, you’re going to need the best polyurethane for floors.  It’s going to need to hold up to nature’s elements, or you may have to spend too much money on the deck. Make sure to pick something durable and reputable such as the product line from Zar.

3. Guaranteed Protection

It does not secrete that exposure to natural elements such as moisture or weather can completely destroy wood. If water seeps into the wood, you can count on this, causing mildew and mold. So, ensure you’re getting a stain that gets deep in the wood, preventing water from getting inside. You need guaranteed protection, or your deck may become a health hazard.

4. Confidence in Longevity

Since wood is biodegradable, it’s going to be very prone to rotting. You need to have confidence in the longevity of what sealant you buy. Having this confidence alone is going to help you feel less stressed. Zar carries an array of products that are proven to protect the wood, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Zar Product Line

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When it comes to Zar and its product line, it can be broken down into two different types of wood finishing: Interior and Exterior. Their exterior product line contains a variety of different items such as the ZAR® Deck & Siding Clear Waterproof Wood Sealer, ZAR® Solid Color Deck & Siding Coating, and the ZAR® Exterior Oil Base Poly Ultraviolet. 

All of these protect without adding any colors, as it’s all about showing off the natural beauty of the wood. How about the interior? The two biggest purchases customers love the ZAR® Interior Oil Base Stain and the ZAR® Interior Oil Base Poly. Both of these are versatile, fast-drying, and offer a resistant finish.

Application Process

So, how does the installation process go? Well, this will all depend on the product you purchase, as the process isn’t all the same. You can check out their application process if you’re wanting to know how all the applications can differ based on the products themselves.

Simplicity of Use

For the most part, you can count on Zar’s products being fairly easy to use. Stain is one of the easiest ways to apply and maintain wood; you won’t need a primer during the application process. Every few years, you’ll need to retain (about three to five years), so there isn’t much hassle at all!

How Effective is Zar?

You can count on Zar to be very effective; within five to fifteen minutes, you’ll notice that your wooden surface is looking better with color and texture. Zar focuses on bringing out the natural beauty of the wood rather than hiding it.

It’s important to have a sealant for your wooden elements, especially those outside, such as a deck or a porch. With the fantastic product line from Zar and their deck stain, you can count on their products to help you remove any guesswork you may have had about applying. Overall, Zar offers a large variety of interior and exterior wood finishes; with their great prices and carrying the name of this reputable brand; you can expect nothing but the best!

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