White Dove vs Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore Color Comparison

Andrea Erickson

December 24,2022

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It can be tough trying to choose the perfect white paint color, can’t it? If you’re wanting to give your home a nice whitewash, what is best? There are so many shades of white, which could even be considered the best. Two paint colors often get compared and pitted against each other; White Dove vs. Swiss Coffee. They’re both lovely colors and can look fabulous on walls, kitchen cabinets, and trims. White is a force to be reckoned with, so it’s best to get it right first!

So, are you feeling stuck between the best color of white? What about trying to decide between White Dove or Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee? Well, before you start slapping paint on your walls, you should continue reading on as we help you through this dilemma!

How to Choose the Best White Color

 White Dove or Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee

Chances are you’ve scrolled through Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ve seen all-white home décor palettes for rooms, right? White paint is trendy, it’s classic, and it will be considered forever timeless. White paint can be difficult to nail, especially when trying to find the perfect shade of white paint. Even visiting your local hardware or paint shop, being confronted with those white paint chips may not help. When it comes to picking white paint, it’s certainly anything but “black and white.” Whether you want to make your space all white or just pick the perfect paint for your space, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind!

For starters, do you know how to pick the best color for your space? Are you able to tell the difference between the shades of white? This also goes for White Dove vs Swiss Coffee. Also, which shade of white will complement your style, home, and decorative accents? Here are some vital steps to help you choose the best shade of white!

  1. Begin by evaluating the undertones in the colors.
  2. Think about the natural lighting of the space and the direction it comes from.
  3. Choose a shade of white that you believes complements your space.
  4. Be sure to compare multiple shades of white paint, such as Swiss Coffee and White Dove.
  5. Consider how the color makes you feel.
  6. Consider the colors that will complement it, including the paint's undertones.
  7. Make sure you’re purchasing paint from a high-quality brand!

White Dove vs. Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore: Where to Use these Colors?

 White Dove or Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee and the White Dove are both exquisite paint colors. They can be used for

  • Exterior purposes such as a colonial-styled house or shed
  • Trim
  • Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Traditional style homes such as cottages and farm-style

While both of these paint colors are best suited for these categories, you can feel free to get creative!

What are the Differences Between White Dove and Swiss Coffee?

In the White Dove vs. Swiss Coffee comparison, you’re bound to find some differences between these two paints; while the differences are subtle, they’re still there. So, what are some of the major differences between the two? For starters, White Dove is a bit brighter and whiter than its counterpart. The LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of White Dove is 85.38.

Swiss Coffee, on the other hand, has some more flexibility; it’s creamer with a hint of warmth. It has an LRV of 83.98; as you can see, the significance between the two paints isn’t massive. If you’re looking for white paint with a more off-white appearance, then the Swiss Coffee paint from Benjamin Moore will be a perfect choice. Both of these colors can work great in most rooms, but if you’re looking to paint a space that lacks natural light, then the brightness of White Dove will balance it out.

Swiss Coffee vs. White Dove: Undertones Comparison

Even though White Dove and Swiss Coffee are both members of Benjamin Moore’s off-white collection, there are some stark differences between the undertones.

White Dove

White Dove
Photo credit: https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-colors/color/pm-19/white-dove

White Dove has some slightly gray undertones mixed with hints of yellow. This creates this gorgeous combination that is soft and delicate and offers a creamy off-white shade. Thanks to the balance of cool and warm undertones, it offers this perfect neutral white paint. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind if you’re opting for this paint color:

  • If you’re using this for a wall, such as for your kitchen or laundry room, the white appliances will contrast with White Dove. The warmth in the White Dove will give a more yellow appearance.
  • South-facing rooms will intensify the shade of yellow.
  • If your surfaces or countertops are cooler tones, such as white, then White Dove will look warm in comparison.
  • If you have a darker room, then the gray undertones will become more apparent

Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee
Photo credit: https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-colors/color/oc-45/swiss-coffee

When comparing White Dove vs. Swiss Coffee, White Dove is a brighter comparison. Swiss Coffee is warmer as it has stronger grey and yellow undertones. However, it still gives a creamy appearance, just as White Dove does. Some things you may want to keep in mind before selecting this color can include:

  • The lighting in your space, as there is potential that green undertones can show
  • South-facing windows can enhance the warm colors in the undertones
  • It may not look balanced if placed with brighter shades of white

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Benjamin Moore White Dove Go Well With Swiss Coffee?

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee can work very well with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, especially if you create a monochromatic palette for your space. These paint colors can be quite versatile for interiors such as bathrooms, bedrooms, mudrooms, and the kitchen.

What Color is Similar to Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee?

If you want to compare this Benjamin Moore paint color to others, then one good comparison could be Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. Alabaster is an off-white paint color that also offers some warm undertones.

Which is Whiter: Swiss Coffee or White Dove?

The White Dove is whiter and brighter compared to Swiss Coffee. This also offers a bit more flexibility due to the muted warm undertone.

What Colors Go Well with Benjamin Moore White Dove?

If you’re looking to color-coordinate other shades to White Dove properly, you can try paints that offer grays with warm undertones. This can include Hale Navy, Silver Strand, and Repose Gray.

What’s Best for You?

Ultimately, it will be about personal preference, your surroundings, and the lighting within your space. These off-white colors in the Benjamin Moore collection are brilliant and can elevate a space!

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