Edgecomb Gray vs Revere Pewter: Greige Color Showdown

Andrea Erickson

December 18,2023

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When it comes to the battle of Edgecomb Gray vs Revere Pewter, these two popular paint colors from Benjamin Moore offer unique characteristics that make them both highly sought-after choices for interior and exterior applications. In this in-depth analysis, we will explore the subtle differences between Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter, as well as their versatility in various design settings.

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

Throughout this post, you'll gain insights into the undertones and LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of each color while also discovering how they compare to other greige options like Pale Oak. Furthermore, we'll discuss how these timeless shades can be utilized to create stunning entryways or accentuate living spaces with a touch of elegance.

By delving into the world of Edgecomb Gray vs Revere Pewter, you'll not only learn about their distinct features but also appreciate their potential in enhancing curb appeal across different architectural styles. Stay tuned for an informative journey through these exceptional paint colors!

Edgecomb Gray Characteristics

Edgecomb Gray is a warm-toned gray-beige paint color with undertones of green and purple. It has a high light reflective value (LRV) of 63, making it an excellent neutral choice for both interiors and exteriors. This complex hue appears differently under varying lighting conditions or when paired with other colors. 

However, it generally reads as a soft yet warm gray that lands somewhere between taupe-y beige and true warm gray.

  • Warm-toned gray-beige paint color
  • High LRV of 63 for versatility in interior and exterior use
  • Complex hue that changes appearance depending on lighting

Edgecomb Gray, a warm-hued grayish beige shade, is suitable for both interior and exterior use - making it an ideal pick for various projects. 

Revere Pewter Features

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is another popular greige option from Benjamin Moore that leans more towards crisp gray tones than Edgecomb Gray does. Although it is in the Historical Collection, customers are still requesting this particular shade to use in their homes. It remains well-loved by many decorators due to its fantastic pairing potential with coordinating colors like Chelsea Gray or even Edgecomb Gray itself.

Revere Pewter's ability to lean towards cool grays and pair well with other colors makes it a popular choice among decorators. Comparing greiges such as Pale Oak, Revere Pewter, and Edgecomb Grey can help DIYers and professional builders create personalized color palettes for their projects.

Comparing Greiges - Pale Oak vs Revere Pewter vs Edgecomb Gray

When comparing the three shades directly, subtle differences can be observed. Pale Oak's lighter and airier quality makes it a great choice for spaces with abundant natural light. On the other hand, Revere Pewter leans toward cool grays and works well in rooms that require a slightly darker tone to create depth and contrast. Despite these distinctions, all three shades work wonderfully together when creating personalized color palettes for any space.

  • Pale Oak: Lighter and airier; ideal for spaces with ample natural light.
  • Revere Pewter: Cooler gray tones; slightly darker than Edgecomb Gray, is suitable for adding depth to darker rooms.
  • Edgecomb Gray: Warm-toned greige; versatile option that complements both Pale Oak and Revere Pewter.

These three greiges offer a range of options for creating personalized color palettes in interior spaces. Interior applications and pairings are key to making the most out of these versatile neutrals, so let's explore how they can be used together with cooler tones or blues.

Interior Applications and Pairings

Both Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter are versatile neutrals that look stunning when used throughout various rooms within a home. They can be paired with numerous accent colors, but truly shine when combined with cooler tones or blues that help emphasize their inherent warmth.

Edgecomb Gray is an excellent choice for interior applications, providing a versatile neutral that pairs well with cooler tones or blues. Exterior applications of Edgecomb Gray can also be used to update house facades and add instant curb appeal while remaining timeless across various architectural styles.

Exterior Applications of Edgecomb Gray

When it comes to updating the exterior of your home, Edgecomb Gray is an exceptional choice. This warm greige hue adds instant curb appeal while remaining timeless and elegant.

  • Suitable for various architectural styles: Edgecomb Gray complements a wide range of designs, whether applied on shingled beach houses or traditional lap siding and stucco structures.
  • Adds instant curb appeal: This neutral paint color enhances the overall appearance of your home without overpowering its features.
  • Timeless elegance: As a popular paint option from Benjamin Moore, this versatile shade ensures your home remains stylish for years to come.

Edgecomb Gray vs Revere Pewter: Discover the Difference in Warm Greige Hues 

Choosing between Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter can be a tough decision, but understanding their unique characteristics and features can help you make the right choice for your interior or exterior design project. While Edgecomb Gray offers undertones of green and purple with a high LRV, Revere Pewter leans towards cool grays and has fantastic pairing potential with other shades. Comparing greiges like Pale Oak can also provide subtle differences that work well together.

Both colors have versatile applications in interior design, with Edgecomb Gray refreshing entryways and Revere Pewter accentuating living spaces. They also add timeless elegance to various architectural styles when used for exterior applications.If you're still unsure which color to choose for your next project, visit Building Product Advisor for more information on these colors and other building products.

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