Warmup Underfloor Heating Review


Collin Fowler

December 24,2022

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There’s something so luxurious about getting to warm up your feet during the cold winter months. While you could wear layers of socks or slippers to avoid the cold flooring, you could instead embrace modern technology and go with heated flooring. The feeling of walking on a warm floor during a cold winter’s day just can’t be beaten. 

So, if you want to upgrade your home, and add some luxury, then Warmup will be the right brand for you. With their heated floors and wide array of products, you’re not going to want to miss out on what they offer. So, here is an in-depth review of why you may want to incorporate Warmup into your home!

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Warm Up Underfloor Heating Reviews

Image Source: Warmup.com

Heated floors, also known as radiant floor heating, is a system where electric wires or pipes of water are installed underneath the flooring. While heated flooring may sound like an entirely new concept, it’s actually something that wealthy homes in the ancient Roman Empire had. While they had a roaring fire blazing in their lowest quarters, nowadays, homes don’t require large amounts of room, just some space in the flooring itself. 

Radiant floor heating has become one of the more effective ways to heat up a room as it doesn’t take up any valuable space until bulky radiators. Plus, there is a radiant floor heating thermostat that controls the temperatures too. 

Can Radiant Floor Heating Benefit your Home?  

Warm Up Underfloor Heating Reviews

Image Source: Warmup.com

One of the worst feelings in a home would be walking into a room and noticing how much colder it is; an even better example would be in the bathroom. You might even feel a chill if you’re getting out of the shower. A heated shower floor is a luxury, but it’s not one that’s far away. While most houses will have their cold spots, it’s still far from ideal, especially if you’re already cold. Some factors that cause cold spots would be the fact that it’s unheated or that the material, such as a cement slab, causes it to stay cold. Having a heating basement could work out, as this does help remove cold drafts.

While floor hearing may not be enough to work as the only heat source for your home, you can count on this being an excellent source, especially where there is heavy foot traffic. This can include kitchens, bedrooms, and especially bathrooms. So, what are some of the benefits of underfloor heating? Let’s check it out!

1. Uniform heating

One of the biggest benefits you can count on would be the fact that radiant floor heating will offer a more uniform heat within the space. It’s important for the air, and the heat to both be distributed evenly. Where the radiators are located is also going to play a major role, as these can only heat that one area that it’s located. On the other hand, when it comes to radiant floor heating, the heat is evenly spread out in the room. You’re going to feel more comfortable in the room, and there won’t be any cold drafts, either.

2. Energy efficient

If you want to look into ways to keep warm in your home and work towards being energy efficient, then this is going to be one of the best ways to go about it. Radiant floor heating is known for being one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat up a house. In fact, this is actually 20% more energy efficient compared to forced air heating systems. How so? Thanks to the uniform heating that’s offered, this allows all the heat to stay rather than get trapped in ductwork like traditional vents.

On top of this, you’re going to be able to have more control over underlying heated flooring. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you’ll be easily able to control the temperature in the room, including the floor, with the help of an app or a programmable thermostat. This means that you can lower temperatures when you’re not in the room or turn it off easily whenever you like.

3. Luxurious

In general, having heated flooring is something that’s seen as a luxury, as most homes don’t offer this feature. During the Roman Empire, this was one of the symbols of wealth, and even today, it’s still shown as a sign of luxury and indulgence, so if you want to add more tech to your home while also embracing the luxuries, then this could be a fantastic option.

What Makes Warmup Different?

Warm Up Underfloor Heating Reviews

Image Source: Warmup.com

When you’re choosing a company for your heating needs, it’s important to scour the internet and do heavy research on which manufacturer deserves your time and money. Warmup is definitely a worthy candidate, so what makes them different from their competitors? Well, Warmup has a strong focus on sustainability. 

Not only do they want to create energy-efficient products, but they’re after to make everything sustainable too. They’re working towards a net zero policy and hope to reach this goal by 2050. They want to change how homes are heated by offering a smarter solution that works with the world. Their dedication to this is absolutely astounding!

Warmup Products

Warmup doesn’t necessarily have any product lines. They mostly focus on their electric systems, such as their in-slab cable, foil heater, and snow melting systems. However, they do sell other items, such as floor heating insulation and accessories, such as repair kits and additional floor sensors. The lack of products can be beneficial because this means it’s easier to determine what you’re going to need and want for your heating system.

Warmup: Breaking Down the Basics

It’s important to have a solid understanding of what a company offers, and this goes for Warmup too. So, here is a handy breakdown of what you can expect in terms of installation, cost, and where to order from Warmup.


It’s hard to say what the cost is as this is going to vary heavily based on how large your space is, what type of heating you want, and if you want something indoors or outdoors. However, Warmup does offer a page where you can get a free quote.

Installation Costs

Warmup does not offer any installation for the underfloor heating systems. So it will entirely depend on the contractor you select for the job. When it comes to these tradesmen, whether they be a builder, tilers, electricians, etc., you can expect the price to vary. The price will vary based on your region, the tools and materials they need, and how long the job will take. 

Generally speaking, you can expect the installation to cost anywhere from $250 to $450 for a day of work. It may take one to two days for the entire project to be completed. While it is frustrating that Warmup doesn’t provide its own installation services, this does mean you can shop around for the best deal possible for a contractor.

Installation Process

Trying to install the underfloor heating is not recommended if you’re not a professional. Even though Warmup offers some installation information, such as videos, these aren’t considered comprehensive enough for a first-timer to try. So it’s best to hire a contractor who has experience in the job. Plus, you can feel at peace knowing that SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee will protect your purchase in case there were any accidents during the installation process.


One of the best aspects of Warmup’s underfloor heating would simply be the fact that there isn’t any maintenance needed. There’s no demand for yearly upkeep or anything like that. This is one of the best advantages, as you can just enjoy this luxury without having to worry. While at times something could potentially go wrong, Warmup will be able to help give information with a diagnostic. They offer a lifetime guarantee warranty with all of their purchases.

How to order from Warmup?

If you’re interested in getting heated flooring through Warmup, then you’ll have to start with a free quote. However, you could even contact them if you’re having more than one room where you’d like the heated floor to be located.


Overall, if you’re looking into getting heated under floors, look no further than Warmup. With their dedication to sustainability, their lifetime guarantee warranty, and the vast amount of information on their website about their products, you’re simply not going wrong by selecting this brand! Sure, while there may be some downsides (all companies have those), Warmup makes up for it with its amazing quality and strong customer-centric focus. Get instant pricing today on Warmup!

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