TRUEGRID Pavers Review: A Practical and Environmental Solution for Paving Need


Todd Gillman

December 20,2022

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As a homeowner or pavement profesional, trying to find ways to transform your home to boost property value is important. Even if you’re a business owner who owns a storefront, you may want to look into ways to create a more welcoming atmosphere and boost the exterior aesthetics. Hardscapes are essential and can truly make a difference in the outdoor space.

 This is especially more apparent if you’re in an area with drainage issues. Pavers are one of the bests ways to add a clean and beautiful touch, all while handling water drainage when it rains. No one want’s to deal with runoff water; this can make any property, parking lot included, look terrible. So this is where TrueGrid comes in!

Their pavers allow for stormwater to permeate through, which helps remove pollutants from the water before reaching the environment. So, what makes TrueGrid so special compared to other brands that sell permeable pavers? TrueGrid has a deep dedication to the environment, so much to the point where they’re focused on eliminating CO2 emissions. If you thrive on green building materials, then TrueGrid is the right one for you.

What are Permeable Pavers?

TrueGrid Paver Reviews

So, what are permeable pavers? Well, this is a type of uniquely designed paver that is designed for drainage. These are wider and have open joints, something that non-permeable pavers lack. This is used to help water penetrate so that it can enter the base underneath the paver. Rainwater will usually accumulate at the top of the pavers, and this can take a while to absorb, not to mention the fact that it can create toxins.

So, instead, with permeable pavers, the water will be absorbed into the permeable system, which will then go into the soil. There are plenty of advantages to permeable pavers, with one of the biggest being the fact that is manages water for residential and commercial properties. Plus, this is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits of Having Permeable Paver

When it comes to permeable pavers, it’s important to understand that these are not just ordinary pavers. Instead, they hold some benefits to them that go far beyond just aesthetics. One thing to note is that homeowners, property owners, and business owners can all benefit from this type of hardscaping. Let’s look at some of the major benefits you can expect from TrueGrid’s pavers.

1. Low Cost

You may be thinking, “ how much does it cost to gravel a driveway“while pavers tend to have a reputation for being an investment, permeable pavement is significantly less expensive per square foot. Plus, the installation itself is less labor-intensive too. The fill materials needed can almost always be locally sourced; this alone is going to reduce most of the transportation. Plus, the paving grids are made from lightweight plastic, so the shipping cost can be fairly low when they are shipped. You won’t need to worry about pricing as this is inexpensive.

2. No More Costly Drainage Systems

Drainage systems can be fairly costly, so you should look into this type of paver. Concrete and asphalt surfaces, including parking lots, will have a crowned system where the storm drains and pipes will control the flooding. This is fairly costly, as the system will need to connect to the wastewater system. Plus, you can count on permit requirements which only take up more time and money. This entire headache can be eliminated thanks to permeable pavers.

3. Hydraulic Balance

While a good drainage system needs to have high importance, the hydraulic balance must be considered too. Something like driveway drainage solutions, and even parking drains need to be prioritized. Permeable pavers can help create a natural hydrologic balance. This alone can help reduce the runoff volume. How so? Well, trapping and slowly releasing the precipitation into the ground is going to help allow the storm drains to flow more easily. You can expect less chaos for the drainage system, especially during heavy rain.

4. Reduce pollutants

A major benefit to permeable pavers that traditional pavers lack would be the fact that it’s eco-friendly and reduces pollutants. It essentially reduces the concentration of pollutants by trapping it inside the soil, pavement, or even both. So, what happens to the trapped pollutants? Well, most of these can be broken down thanks to the bacteria and the microbes that feat on them.

5. Helpful in the winter months

Nobody enjoys being on the slippery pavement during the cold winter months. Plus, salting the pavement can become fairly expensive. With permeable pavement from TrueGrid, they’re able to trap some of the heat and release it onto the surface. While it’s not a lot, this should be enough to help thaw out the snow and ice, meaning less need for salting.

6. Sustainable

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, sustainability needs to be prioritized. This is one way that TrueGrid truly stands out from its competitors. Not only are their permeable pavers sustainable, but this company lives by sustainability. They’ve created a product that is entirely focused on helping the environment. From recycled materials that reduce the waste in the system to the reduction of energy needs, the TrueGrid permeable pavers focus on working with the environment, not against it. Plus, once the pavers are at the end of their lifespan, they can be easily recycled, which immediately reduces their carbon footprint.

What Products Does TrueGrid Offer?

TrueGrid Paver Reviews

There’s nothing too heavy for TrueGrid to handle, and they prove this with this product line. Whether your commercial, industrial, or retail site is in need of permeable pavers, they know they have the right pavers to fit your needs. TrueGrid has three major products: PRO-Lite, PRO Plus, and Root. There are some considerable differences and benefits in each one, and TrueGrid’s main goal is to have a package that can perfectly fit each customer.

1. PRO-Lite

Previously known as “ECO,” this is designed for moderate vehicle load and traffic and includes pedestrian and bike applications. Considered to be the toughest and most economical light load in terms of TrueGrid pavers, it has a super compression that provides strength, flexibility, and robustness. Some of the benefits of PRO-Lite include the following:

  • Works in All Climates & Soils
  • Soil Stabilizer
  • Highly resistant to oils, gasoline, acids, salt, ammonia, and alcohol
  • Built-in X-Anchors

2. PRO Plus

Known for being the industry-leading commercial permeable paver, this is considered the engineer’s go-to for stormwater management. Ideal for commercial-sized parking lots, this is basically maintenance-free. Some of the main features and benefits of Pro Plus include:

  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE
  • Engineered for heavy use
  • No Gravel Migration
  • H20, HS20 + Rated

3. Root

Perfect for heavy loads, TrueGrid loves to call this the “World Strongest Permeable Paver”, Whether it’s a festival site park, even centers, paths, trails, or even storage units, the Root product line can get it done. Some of the main benefits that Root provides would be:

  • Less Costly than Asphalt
  • Stabilized Grass Drains
  • 60-Year Lifespan

When it comes to TrueGrid’s permeable pavers, no permits are required for installation.

Cost of TrueGrid

TrueGrid Paver Reviews

The cost will vary heavily, and this may be based on the size but also what TrueGrid permeable pavers need to interlock with. For instance the TrueGrid Root system, the pavement cost is about to be around $3 – $9 per square foot, while permeable interlocking concrete pavers are expected to cost roughly around $4 – $12 per square foot. In general, it may be challenging to pinpoint an exact price unless you opt-in to get a free estimate. Instead, this can help give you an idea.


Residential Driveways

TrueGrid's Pro Lite system is an excellent choice for residential properties, where homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a solid, permeable surface for driveways, walkways, and patios. By choosing Pro Lite, homeowners can reduce runoff, prevent erosion, and maintain a beautiful landscape that's kind to the environment.

Commercial Spaces

Pro Plus is the go-to solution for commercial properties. Businesses looking to minimize their ecological impact while maintaining a professional appearance in high-traffic areas, such as parking lots and industrial zones, will find Pro Plus to be the ideal choice. Its strength and permeability make it a practical and sustainable paving solution.

Grass Parking Areas

The Root system is revolutionizing grass parking areas. This innovative solution allows for the growth of grass, transforming vast parking spaces into green, eco-friendly zones. Whether for public parks, event venues, or urban planning, the Root system not only supports vehicle loads but also contributes to sustainability and aesthetics.


Whether you’re hiring a contractor or planning to DIY this, fortunately, TrueGrid does provide installation information. They have a residential guide for homeowners (and property managers), but they also provide a helpful installation guide for commercial installation too.


Even though TrueGrid’s permeable pavers are not entirely maintenance-free, for the most part, you can expect to do little to no work. TrueGrid does provide a helpful guide on how to do some minor maintenance, such as how to clean the surface area.

Where Can You Buy TrueGrid Permeable Pavers?

If you’re interested in changing your drainage system for your commercial or residential space, then choosing TrueGrid is the way to go! You can get a free estimate from the experts at TrueGrid, or you can give them a call at 1-855-355-GRID today!

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