Therma Tru vs Jeld Wen Steel Doors

Max Shafer

December 24,2022

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The entry of your door has a major impact on the curb appeal of your home. It’s one of the first qualities that someone sees when they lay eyes on your home. You can count on this being a part of the first impression of your house, but for the household too. The front door of your home can offer a lot of variety, style, and personality to reflect the homeowners. Since there are a lot of varieties for front doors, including steel doors, the same can be said about door manufacturers too. 

The two biggest in North America are Jeld-Wen and Therma-Tru. Both of these brands are known for their high-quality products; they’re trustworthy and praised for their durability, which extends to steel doors. But what if you’re struggling to decide between Therma Tru vs. Jeld Wen Steel Doors? Let’s go over each one so you can help choose the best steel door!

Entry Steel Door Manufacturers

For many designers, builders, and homeowners, Jeld Wen and Therma-Tru are considered excellent options whether it be steel doors or fiberglass doors, but even far beyond that! Let’s dive into each brand.


Considered one of the more high-end options for doors, this steel door entry manufacturer has been a favorite for decades. It’s a familiar brand with a nationwide presence, plus they offer an array of options whether it be sizing, colors, prices, designs, and far beyond that. Plus Therma-Tru offers low maintenance on their doors which can help further the quality and appearance of entry doors.

Jeld Wen

Jeld-Wen is considered the best of the best.This brand is quite loved thanks to the window manufacturing it does. But it’s also been crowned the best entry steel door manufacturer, with good reason. Jeld-Wen offers a wide variety of exclusive designs, all of which they specialize in. Some significant perks for Jeld-Wen can include the artisanship of their doors, which instantly gives a luxurious appearance to entry doors. They use top materials in the market, which only enhances the quality and workmanship in their doors.

Jeld Wen vs. Therma Tru: The Similarities

Therma Tru vs Jeld Wen Steel Doors

One of the main similarities concerning Therma Tru vs Jeld Wen Steel Doors would be the fact that they’re both two major favorites in North America. But there are some other similarities too, so let’s dive into them!


The concerns of Therma-Tru vs Jeld Wen Steel Doors don’t need to be black and white. There are some similarities between the two brands and their products. One major similarity is the fact that both of these companies not only focus on sustainability within their product, but it goes much further than that!

Both of these manufacturers have designed their doors so there will be reduced energy costs for homes. Both manufacturers reduce air infiltration in your home and will absorb heat in the hot months of summer. Plus, you can count on Jeld-Wen and Therma-Tru to provide long-lasting doors as they’re resistant to weather conditions!


When it comes to selecting an entry door, you can count on the design elements and the overall aesthetic playing a major role. Both of these manufacturers offer artisanal elements in their doors, which instantly brings a luxury appearance to any home.


Whenever you’re selecting a door, especially an entry door, you’re going to want to ensure that it can keep your family safe from the weather and intruders, right? Thanks to the design elements, both brands offer impact-resistant mechanisms. So what does that mean? Well, it means that your home will stay safe during bad weather conditions such as hurricane debris and strong winds. You can feel assured whenever bad weather hits, knowing that your home and family will remain safe.

Therma Tru vs. Jeld Wen Steel Doors: Differences

Therma Tru vs Jeld Wen Steel Doors

While there are some praise-worthy similarities between the two companies, let’s examine some of the major differences.


When it comes to finding the right entry door, the price is going to matter. Whenever people are shopping for the right product, they’re going to prioritize the price of it. However, when it comes to stainless steel door shopping, you will need to rely more on quality than the pricing itself. 

Doors that are cheaper in price will most likely malfunction at any given time. Fortunately, both of these brands get a lot of recognition, “bang for your buck,” if you will. The Jeld Wen doors will have a varied price range from $600 to $2,500 for their doors, while Therma-Tru prices will lie between $350 to $800.


Warranty is certainly something that will connect the product to the buyers. A customer is going to want to feel safe with their purchase, and having a warranty is going to help make it feel like there is a guarantee and protection in the product. One of the biggest differences between Therma Tru vs. Jeld Wen Steel Doors would be the vast difference in warranty. Therma-Tru offers a limited lifetime warranty, while Jeld-Wen offers up to 25 years.


When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, you can count on your front door to enhance its appearance. Jeld-Wen is known and adored for the beautiful collection of designs and artisanal elements utilized in the door's finishes. On the other hand, Therma-Tru offers very beautiful designs too that can be considered flexible, offering a range of styles that may not be extravagant but can still be very lovely.


Each of the features concerning Jeld-Wen vs. Therma-Tru will vary based on the type of door (such as steel vs. fiberglass) and even the model. However, there are some general brand-exclusive features that you could consider when selecting a brand for your home. The Therma-Tru manufacturer creates more of their doors to be fire-resistant for up to 20 minutes. In contrast, Jeld-Wen offers a joint silicon-injected key which could be quite sought-after as no other door manufacturer offers this.

Which Has Better Quality, Therma Tru or Jeld Wen?

In the Therma-Tru vs. Jeld Wen debate, there is no denying that they’re both exceptional in quality and longevity. Both brands can last for over 20 years. There can be some divide, but you may want to consider your own preferences and home personally. If you live somewhere that tends to get heavy weather such as winds, hurricanes, or harsh storms, then Therma-Tru will be the better option. If you’re looking for something that provides fresh aesthetics compounded with security, then Jeld-Wen will be the best choice.

Does Therma Tru or Jeld Wen Have a Better Finish?

Therma Tru vs Jeld Wen Steel Doors

There is no denying that Jeld-Wen will come in first place with a better finish. This manufacturer prides itself on the beauty that’s provided. This doesn’t instantly mean that Therma-Tru offers “ugly” doors or poor finishes. But if the design and finish are a priority for you, then Jeld-Wen is the best choice.

Therma Tru vs. Jeld Wen Steel Doors: What’s Best for You?

What are you looking for in an entry steel door? Your personal preferences are going to help you narrow it down. While selecting between the two brands, you will want to think about the warranty, price range, design range, and long-term quality that can be provided. Everyone will have their personal preferences, so you should choose yours to figure out which is better!

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