Techo Bloc vs Cambridge Pavers

Roger Marx

December 24,2022

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When it comes to outdoor hardscapes, it’s vital to use only high-quality products. This not only helps it last the tests of time, but this is the best way to ensure that you achieve the ultimate curb appeal to help boost your home’s property value. Plus, to top it all off, having a gorgeous space you’re proud of is great.

 Two major paver manufacturers that often get questions would be Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Pavers. You may be asking yourself, “which of the two would be best for my project?” While both of these manufacturers have their own negatives and positives, it’s still best to get to the bottom of this so you can feel confident in your selection. So let’s dive right into it to see which is better: Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Pavers!

Why Add Pavers to Your Patio?

A lot of homeowners, they’ll want to look into ways to boost their property value while adding some comfort at the same time. A patio is a great way to do this because you’re not only adding value to your property, but you’re creating an outdoor living space that’s perfect for the entire family. But why would you want to add pavers rather than any other building material? 

Well, pavers are known for being sturdy, plus they can handle tough weather such as rain or snow without having to worry about maintenance. Let’s look at other reasons why pavers should be added to your patio project.

The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

A patio can be a great way to entertain outside. It’s usually an easy project that will add great value to your house. You can go crazy and enjoy yourself here, from furniture to fire pits and grills. You'll also get to increase your home's living space overall!

Low Maintenance

Pavers are known for being long-lasting and durable. Plus, you can count on the maintenance required being minimal too. You can even seal in your patio to create a protective barrier against weather, and landscaping can help keep it looking fresh for years on end!

Boosts Property Value

Since your property could get a lot more in value when you sell it, installing a patio paver is not just a "nice" extra - it increases the that your property is worth. Not only that, but it also looks great and attracts potential buyers, which will increase your resale value even further.

Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Pavers: Overview

Techo Bloc vs Cambridge Pavers
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It’s important to know the differences between the different manufacturers out there. Each of them is going to have some factors that are going to help make them stand out; this even includes Cambridge Pavingstones vs. Techo Bloc.

Techo Bloc

While Techo Bloc is still new in the paving industry, they’re made quite the reputation for themselves. Their products are widely known as some of the highest quality landscape materials out there. Plus, Techo Bloc is more geared toward “premium and high-end” customers who are looking to upgrade their outdoor settings. This includes the patio, pool perimeter, driveway, patio, or even just general lawn hardscapes. Plus, Techo Bloc uses natural components, which helps in creating a more organic appearance.

This is can be considered a major leg up for those who want a more natural appearance in their hardscape. Customers, contractors, and designers have given a lot of praise to Techo Bloc for its salt and weather-resistant pavers, as the color featured on the stone is true rather than falsely painted (as many manufacturers do this). In addition, they also provide carvings, slabs, and walls which are perfect for nearly all the great outdoors too.

Cambridge Pavingstones

Cambridge Pavingstones is here to prove that not all paving stones are created equal. What helps this manufacturer stick out from the Cambridge vs. Techo Bloc debate would be the fact that you can get as creative as you’d like. Whether you’re after a beautiful patio or even want to go further, like an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven casing, then Cambridge Pavingstones is here for the job. 

Just as Techo Bloc has a high reputation for allowing customization from colors, shapes, and designs, Cambridge is known for being on par. This manufacturer offers a nice collection, including hundreds of different stone types.

What are the Differences?

In the Cambridge Pavingstone vs. Techo Bloc debate, you can count on some major differences between the two manufacturers. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant differences so you can decide which is best for your project.


How do Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge pavers stack up in terms of materials? Well, Cambridge has up to 10% unusable product per pallet due to packaging compression strength. This is a common complaint that many contractors and customers have mentioned. This results in waste (which is not eco-friendly), plus this cuts into the budget too. On the other hand, Techo Bloc does have a higher quality which grants you less waste, but the cost of the pavers and the installation time makes it questionable if you’re getting the better deal.


While aesthetics should be a major determining factor when deciding between the two brands, the product's durability also needs to count. Remember, this is for an outdoor space, a space where hard weather will hit throughout the seasons. So, for this reason, it’s important to select a manufacturer that you believe offers the best quality. Techo Bloc is mostly known for its high standards in the creation process. 

Their structural integrity promises that their product is built to last an entire lifetime. This means that you can count on your paver to look good now, but even a decade from now.


Techo-Bloc's colors have naturally-blended hues, displaying the mixture of tones that you could expect to find in nature. The organic appearance is something that is often sought after from Techo Bloc, as they’re known for being the best option compared to competitors. What about Cambridge? Well, their products appear to have a more artificial appearance.

Their color options are “louder,” which could be a no-go for some customers. However, in the end, it’s all about preference. While some customers may love the natural appearance, others may find bold colors to be fun and out-of-the-ordinary. In the end, it’s going to be up to you to decide which has the better appearance when it comes to Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge Pavers.

What are the Benefits of Techo Bloc?

Techo Bloc vs Cambridge Pavers
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This North American manufacturer is known for providing a premium product compared to other manufacturers in the paver industry. While they’re mostly known for pavers, you can get in touch with your inner designer and completely create a hardscape masterpiece. So, what are some of the major benefits that Techo Bloc has over Cambridge?


Techo Bloc provides a lot of versatility within one product. This includes a wide assortment of colors, but there are also a lot of designs you’ll have the option to choose from.

Weather Resistant

Compared to all of the paver manufacturers within the industry, one major way that Techo Bloc stands out would hands-down be its weather resistance. Natural stones are susceptible to cracks and fractures. This is especially more apparent if there is a frequent freezing and thawing cycle. Fortunately, Techo Bloc pavers have the upper hand. Their product is highly regarded for being weather-resistant.

You can count on their pavers to be tough enough to withstand UV rays and hot temperatures, but even the coldest temperatures that winter can provide. But what tops this off, allowing Techo Bloc to have the leg up in the Techo Bloc vs. Cambridge pavers decision, would be the salt resistance. This way, you can feel confident de-icing your pavers in the winter months.

What are the Benefits of Cambridge Pavers?

Just as there are numerous benefits for Techo Bloc, you can count on there being some unique advantages for Cambridge Pavingstone too. Let’s look at the competitive resistance Cambridge has in the Cambridge vs. Techo Bloc debate.


One of the biggest disadvantages to having an outdoor living space such as a paved poolside or patio would be sun bleaching. The UV rays can be pretty harsh, and natural stones commonly face sun bleaching. On the bright side, Cambridge’s products can easily withstand even the sunniest days without the risk of fade. Plus, this manufacturer offers various patterns and colors, which is perfect if you’re after something both beautiful and cohesive.

Slip Resistance

This is ideal if you live in a rainy area or you’re looking for pavers to surround your pool. There’s no need to stress about safety for you or your family as Cambridge pavers are skid and slip-resistant.


What is the main difference between Techo Bloc and Cambridge Pavers?

Other than aesthetics such as color and design options, one of the biggest differences would be weather resistance. Cambridge Pavingstones is slip-resistant, but it’s not salt or weather-resistant. On the other hand, Techo Bloc is weather-resistant, but it’s not slip-resistant.

Can I power wash Cambridge pavers?

It is strongly not recommended to power wash Cambridge pavers, as this could easily damage the surface finish.

What is the thickness of Cambridge Pavers?

Cambridge has a thickness of 2 3/8, which is perfect for creating interesting and dramatic patterns.

What material are Cambridge Pavers made of?

Cambridge Pavingstones are made from high-density concrete.

Which Should You Choose Techo Bloc or Cambridge Pavers?

In the end, when it comes to Techo Bloc vs Cambridge pavers, it’s all about what you value most in pavers and what this paver will be used for. If you’re looking for pavers for your pool that are slip-resistant, then Cambridge is ideal. However, if you’re focused more on weather resistance, then Techo Bloc may be your best best. Both of these manufacturers are excellent and have their own benefits that allow them to stand out in the industry. There’s simply no right or wrong option.

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