Techo Bloc vs Belgard: Comparing Two Leading Brands of Landscape Pavers

Roger Marx

December 24,2022

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Not all pavers are created equally. If you’re looking to create an awe-inspiring outdoor space that will leave your neighbors green with envy, then you’re going to need to be cautious in what you select. There are two contenders that a lot of contractors and homeowners opt for, but these are two that can create a lot of debate: Techo Bloc vs. Belgard. 

While there are plenty of great paving manufacturers out in the market, if you want to have a stunning yet durable hardscape year-round, then you’re going to need to diligently research the paver brands available. So, here is everything you’re going to need to know for Techo Bloc vs. Belgard so you can create the perfect hardscape for your property!

Techo Bloc vs. Belgard Pavers Overview

Belgard and Techo Bloc are two concrete permeable pavers that often get recommended by contractors Each of these brands of permeable pavers provides its own eye-catching element. These can then be installed to enhance driveways, walkways, outdoor patios, and multiple areas in the backyard.

Techo Bloc

Techo Bloc is highly regarded within the industry for providing high-quality landscape materials. This premium brand is commonly known to people looking to upgrade their outdoor space. What gives Techo Bloc such a high reputation and allows it to stand out would be its natural components. 

Their product helps in giving customers’ landscapes a more natural appearance while still allowing room for design specifications that the customer may find fit for their property. Their uniformly rigid textures and resistance to salt make it very high in demand. Their slab and stones are considered an excellent upgrade for any outdoor hardscaping project that you may be working on.


You can never go wrong with Belgard. This brand has paved the way for being an excellent option within the industry thanks to its innovation and design.  Belgard pavers have been a major go-to by homeowners and contractors for decades. This, in turn, makes it a wise choice for the person who’s in need of a brand new hardscape such as a driveway, patio, or even a retaining wall. Belgard provides plenty of hardscaping options that not only inspire but will create so much beauty. You can count on this brand to help you make your property stand out!

What are the Differences?

Are there any differences between Techo Bloc vs Belgard? Absolutely! Let’s take a look at some of the major differences you can expect between Belgard and Techo Bloc.

Expensive Appearance

Techo Bloc has the upper hand in the Belgard vs. Techo Bloc appearance debate. Techo Bloc offers a more organic appearance and texture. Plus, there is vibrancy in their pavers too, which is something that Belgard lacks.


In terms of quality, Belgard products reign superior. Whether it be large pieces their small pavers, they offer a variety in the strength of the concrete. This is something that Techo Bloc lacks.


So, for variety and selection, which is better in the Techo Bloc vs. Belgard debate? Both brands offer a wide variety of sizes and colors. So you can count on both brands to suit your needs, so there’s no need to worry about limited options. It’s just all going to come down to preference on what style you prefer the most.


Unilock is a bit more expensive. However, this is justifiable given the large amount of choices available.

What are the Benefits of Techo Bloc?

Techo Bloc vs. Belgard Paver
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Commonly known as one of the premium brands on the market, this is one that contractors and homeowners both rejoice in. But are there any special benefits that allow Techo Bloc to stand out when deciding Techo Bloc vs. Belgard? Let’s find out!


Techo Bloc is highly regarded thanks to its structural integrity. This brand possesses 8.00 psi for minimum compression strength; on top of that, they have a maximum of five percent water absorption too. Their stones are built to last for life, and they provide flexibility which helps in avoiding any cracking of their stones. With little car or maintenance, these are considered safe, especially during the winter months.

Variety of Colors

Techo Bloc provides the perfect balance between resistance and aesthetics. Their unique textures and shades in 20 colors can easily mimic wood, natural stone, and concrete. Whatever shade you’re needing for your pool cap, garden, walkway, or outdoor living space, you’ll easily find it with this manufacturer.

No Sealing Required

Unlike other brands on the market, you don’t need to seal Techo Bloc. While it can make the pavers easier to clean, it’s far from necessary.

Weather Resistant

Techo Bloc products are repeatedly tested on salt water. Why’s that? They make sure that frequent exposure to salt doesn’t destroy the pavers. One of the biggest highlights of Techo Bloc would be the fact that it doesn’t receive damage when de-icing the space during the winter months. On top of that, acid rain and UV rays do not corrode this product either.

What are the Benefits of Belgard Pavers?

Techo Bloc vs. Belgard Paver
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The great outdoors is a special place for most people, especially when you’re on your own property. You get to be one with nature, all in the comfort of your own home. It’s where you can relax, unwind, and just be yourself. Since the outdoors is a spectacular place, you deserve to have a spectacular outdoor area that pavers such as Techo Bloc vs. Belgard can help you achieve. Let’s take a look at Belgard to see what some of its advantages are.


Whether it’s a rainy day or you’re stepping out of the pool, Bare feet on a wet surface can quickly become dangerous. Even natural stone tends to get slippery whenever it’s wet. However, one major feature that Belgard has over Techo Bloc would be its slip-resistant surface. No matter how wet the surface gets, you can feel confident that you’re going to be safe.

Larger Choices for Overlay

Belgard offers many thinner profile pavers. These can be overlaid on top of existing concrete, such as a pool deck. This is perfect for bringing some new life to an old pool. This is considerably less costly than removing and replacing the decking. This is a major benefit that Belgard has over the Belgard vs. Techo Bloc debate.

Design Flexibility

Pavers are an excellent choice if you want to bring a natural appearance to your lush landscape; they can also be excellent for a more tailored appearance too. Since there are so many different paver styles and designs, such as garden walls, you can count on Belgard to have a wide variety of design flexibility! So feel free to be unique in your designs!


Similar to Techo Bloc, Belgard is highly durable. Both of these are considered equal for the Techo Bloc vs. Belgard durability test. Belgard pavers offer a lifetime warranty, and they are very strong regarding pool chemicals and foot traffic. Similar to Techo Bloc, if one of their pavers gets damaged, Belgard will quickly replace it for free under warranty.

Techo Bloc vs. Belgard: What Will You Choose?

When considering Techo Bloc vs. Belgard, the answer is simple. You’re not going to go wrong with either of these manufacturers! It’s all about what you hope to achieve for your outdoor space. Both of these brands have their own advantages, which allow them to stand out.

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