Swanstone vs Veritek

Andrea Erickson

December 24,2022

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When it comes to the home, it gets to a point where eventually, the use and frequency can make a space look outdated. This can extend to plumbing fixtures such as power pans, bathtubs, or even the shower paneling too. Installing new features can be a great way to instantly elevate the space. But a cheap option could include a central drain shower or maybe even a wall kit. Both of these protect your walls and structure from water damage. 

Besides, the right bath fixtures can enhance the bathroom without needing an entire renovation. Mostly, it can get pretty overwhelming, especially when you want to select the right product. But you’re in luck; most people consider the two best options are Swanstone vs. Veritek. These both have the potential to offer a fresh look to your bathroom. So, let’s get started!

About Swanstone

If you’re looking for a high-quality brand for your next kitchen or bathroom project, look no further than Swanstone. They’re the best when it comes to solid surfaces, whether they be commercial or residential applications. Whether you’re looking for trim, moldings, shower pans, walls, or even accessories, you can count on Swanstone for beautiful solutions!

About Veritek

Swanstone vs Veritek
Photo credit: https://www.lowes.com/pd/SWAN-Veritek-White-Fiberglass-Plastic-Wall-and-Floor-3-Piece-Alcove-Shower-Kit-Common-32-in-x-32-in-Actual-73-25-in-x-32-in-x-32-in/50240825

The Swan Veritek is a part of the Swanstone family. This is a compression-molded material; it’s non-porous, meaning it’s mold resistant. Plus, it doesn’t have a surface coating. You can an array of lovely bathroom solutions with Veritek!

Differences between Swanstone vs. Veritek

It’s important to remember that the company is the same, but there are still some differences between the two products. The Swanstone products manufactured with Veritek are bathtubs, bath and shower wall combination sets, shower doors, utility sinks, and basins. On the other hand, the solid surface material, Swanstone offers more variety in products that aren’t just bathroom-only like Veritek is.


Fortunately, when it comes to Swanstone vs. Veritek, the cleaning process isn’t very different. One minor difference would be that Veritek's surface is slightly easier clean.


It’s challenging to compare Swanstone vs. Veritek, why’s that? Well, the material of the two is quite different, and they aren’t direct competitors due to the difference. Veritek is a step above fiberglass units solid at big box retailers, while Swanstone solid surface is a direct competitor to Corian. But in general, you can expect Veritek to be cheap in cost.


In terms of the quality of the two, you can expect Swanstone to be of higher quality. Plus, Veritek is acrylic, which is of cheaper quality compared to Swanstone's solid surface.


Swanstone's solid surface comes in three solid colors and three aggregate patterns. These are manufactured to look like granite and other natural stone. This instantly creates a more luxurious appearance that Veritek cannot compete with. On the other hand, Veritek only comes in white, bisque, and bone.


The process of Swanstone vs. Veritek creation is quite similar. The difference, however, is the materials used and how much of what is getting used. But how does this affect the longevity? The materials used can help indicate what may have a longer life. You can expect Swanstone to win in this match.


Swanstone solid surface can stand up to heavy-duty daily use. So, you will not need to worry if you accidentally scratch the surface. But what about Veritek? Well, you can expect scratches to destroy its appearance of it. Plus, it could also enhance the chances of the protective coating getting damaged, which means that water could sap into the porous material.

What’s Best for a Bathtub Remodel?

Swanstone vs Veritek
Photo credit: https://swanstone.com/shower-walls

If you’re looking for outstanding value while having a bathtub that can be installed in a breeze, then you will want to look no further than the Veritek bath ware. Their compression-molded materials are non-porous and highly resilient. Plus, the natural gloss surface allows for easy cleanup.

What’s Best for a Shower Remodel?

Since Veritek seems the best option for bath ware, what about a shower remodel for your bathroom? Well, Veritek can be a great option, but Swanstone can be just as great of an option! The Swanstone Bath Wall Kits are an excellent choice as this simplifies the bathroom shower remodel process. 

These kits are designed to fit multiple shower floor sizes (outside of the bathroom tiling), offering a floor-to-ceiling appearance, and the trim panels can easily be at your desired width or height. But the kits go beyond that too! Swanstone offers the perfect shower pan so you can give a luxurious element to your shower!

Swanstone vs. Veritek: Which is Better?

Photo credit: https://swanstone.com/shower-walls

If you’re wondering which is better of the two concerning Swanstone vs. Veritek, then you can expect Swanstone to be the winner. Generally speaking, it’s higher quality, longer lasting, resilient to scratches, and offers a lot of elegance to a space.

When choosing the right bathroom remodeling solution, it’s important to think about what you want for the long term. A part of bathroom remodels all about elevating the space and giving it a fresh appearance. Swanstone is the best way to go about this due to its material. But in the end, it will be about your preference and what you prioritize most in bathroom material.

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