Nanawall vs La Cantina: A Comparison of Folding Glass Wall Systems for Home and Commercial Projects

Sam Willis

December 24,2022

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Folding patio doors are one of the best ways to create a seamless transition in your home. These end that “breaking point” that many doors and walls tend to create, and instead, a beautiful flow from the interior to the exterior is created. When it comes to folding patio doors, there is going to be some variation in quality, features, materials, and even cost. 

It’s important to create a well-balanced home that you’re after so knowing what’s available out there is significantly going to help. Currently, there are two major folding patio doors in the market right now, and that’s Nanawall vs. La Cantina. Let’s take a look at these folding panoramic doors to see what both have to offer!

Nanawall vs La Cantina Overview

First thing first, it’s vital to have a general background of both of these brands as this is going to help you choose which of the two is best for your property.


Nanawall has over three decades in the market, and they’re actually the original brand that helped introduce North America to these beautiful foldable glass door-wall systems. This brand offers a large variety of door systems, from frameless glass walls all the way to folding glass.

La Cantina

La Cantina is a brand that’s all based on lifestyle aesthetics, plus they’re one of the pioneers of the foldable door system. Similar to Nanawall, they sell a wide variety of screens, sliding doors, and their very popular folding doors.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Folding Door

Nanawall vs La Cantina: Comparing Folding Doors

In the Nanawall vs. La Cantina, you’re likely to have a lot of questions, right? This could include the special features each of these brands have, but also what makes them so different. It’s just important to keep in mind that when it comes down to selecting La Cantina vs. Nanawall, it’s all going to be about your individual taste and style.


  • NanaWall folding doors have the unique advantage of hiding the doors themself. So, if you’re wanting a door that doesn’t look like a door, then you’re in for luck. Plus, there is also the option for NanaWall to create virtually any shape the customer wants, such as segmented curves.  This is perfect if you want a unique appearance. There are some downsides, such as the panels not operating independently, which means that the door in the middle needs to be controlled rather than the sides. This may be a minor inconvenience for some homeowners.
  • LaCantina is highly praised within the industry. However, they lack any unique configuration options. Similar to NanaWall folding doors, these must also open in the middle. Similar to Nanawall, you’re not going to have even airflow in the space.

How Will the Door Be Used?

Are you looking to create a seamless transition in your home through the door? Are you wanting something that creates a natural flow from the indoors to the outdoors? Plus, do you plan on having the door open a lot? These are some questions you’re going to need to ask yourself regardless of Nanawall vs. La Cantina. A foldable door is gorgeous, but they’re far from being an ordinary door.

Will it Suit Your Space?

Before purchasing a door from Nanawall or La Cantina, it’s important to ask yourself some questions. More importantly, will this suit your space? Nanawall vs. La Cantina will both offer their own different factors to consider, but you’ll still need to ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Are you planning to have the door to always be fully opened or closed? 
  • Do you own any furniture that could interfere with the door's function?
  • Do you want to open up each panel by itself?
  • Are you wanting to have multiple doors on either side within the door system?

Is This a Newly Built Home?

When comparing Nanawall vs. La Cantina, you shouldn’t forget about what may work best for certain homes. For instance, some manufacturers work better to retrofit an existing doorway rather than a newly built one. The same goes for both of these brands too. There is a major difference between the top hung as well as the bottom track door system.

Nanawall vs La Cantina: What to Keep in Mind

Nanawall vs La Cantina: Comparing Folding Doors
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There are some factors that you need to keep in mind for both of these folding door brands. This is going to help when determining which of the two manufacturers that you should opt for.


Folding doors come in a variety of materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood.  If you’re wondering which of the two, Nanawall vs. La Cantina, offer wood, the good news is that they both do. Both of these brands are the only ones in the market that provide wood for their foldable doors. Wooden doors are perfect for that mountain cabin aesthetic, but you’ll need to keep in mind, regardless of brand, you’ll have to keep up with the required maintenance of these wooden doors, such as reapplying stain and seal annually.

Aluminium patio doors are something that both brands offer, which is excellent regardless of the climate you may reside in. However, one notable difference in the material for NanaWall vs. La Cantina would be the fact that NanaWall does not offer any vinyl doors, while La Cantina does.


Both brands are excellent for warmer climates; they’re low maintenance and weather resistant. Since both La Cantina and NanaWall offer materials such as aluminum, this can be perfect for both hot or cold climates. To sum it up, Nanawall vs. La Cantina will be completely equal and can both be great options regardless of the climate you live in.


Folding doors can last you more than three decades are long as you keep up with their required maintenance regularly. Plus, you can extend the lifespan just by cleaning the rollers, and the door tracks whenever you do a deep clean. However, no matter how long your doors last, a warranty still needs to come up. There are some major differences between Nanawall vs. La Cantina. NanaWall offers a limited warranty, and it only extends for five years. On the other hand, La Cantina offers a warranty of ten years.

Nanawall vs La Cantina: FAQ

How does a NanaWall work?

NanaWall has two very distinctive Sliding Glass Walls, but Single Track sliding is the most common. With the Single Track Sliding systems, each panel is going to be supported by two carriers. This is going to help move the door independently into position. There are no floor tracks required for the Single Track Sliding system.

What does the LaCantina Doors system include?

All LaCantina Doors are sold as complete systems which are ready for installation. You can expect the frame, hinges, rollers, threshold, weather-stripping, doors, glass, as well as the multi-point lock and lever handle to be included. Plus, all La Cantina Door systems will include Installation instructions, drill bits, plus the installation screws too.
However, here are some items that are not supplied but are highly recommended for installation for a La Cantina door, such as shims, foam filler, caulking, and a sill pan. Tools are not supplied either, such as a Flathead or screwdriver, but these will be needed for the installation process.

Are LaCantina folding doors available in both outswing and inswing?

Yes, La Cantine does offer both outswing and inswing systems. They recommended the outswing if your doors are exposed to the weather.

Nanawall vs La Cantina: Final Thoughts

Folding doors provide a unique appearance to a home which could instantly make any space appear magazine-worthy. But when it comes to considering Nanawall vs. La Cantina, it will be based on personal preference. If you’re determined to have a vinyl frame or longer warranty for your folding door, then LaCantina has got you covered.

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