Empire vs Luna Flooring: A Breakdown of Differences and Features

Empire vs Luna Flooring

Sam Willis

March 10,2023

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Empire and Luna flooring are two of the leading names in full service flooring installation. Since Empire purchased Luna in 2012, many people think that the two companies are one and the same. However, Empire operates Luna as a distinct brand, and some subtle differences remain between the two lines. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of Luna vs Empire!

Pros of Empire Flooring

Perhaps the greatest strength of Empire is that its Shop-at-Home feature appeals greatly to modern audiences. Its robust website and comprehensive selection of digital tools allow homeowners to shop for their next flooring project from home without ever having to visit a physical branch (Empire no longer has physical locations). When you have decided on the products and package you want online, a representative will visit your home with the selected materials and help get your order finalized. 

Empire has a comprehensive flooring catalog from which to choose. Its offerings include carpet, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank, ceramic tile, and porcelain tile. The company sources its flooring materials from a seemingly endless list of suppliers, so if there is any one brand toward which you are more inclined, Empire will likely have it available.

In many instances, Empire can provide next-day installation. Their quote will include everything from moving your furniture, removing the old flooring, installing the new product, and hauling away the debris. If desired, the company can also include products such as underlays, trims, and thresholds as part of the quote. 

Each of its flooring installations will come with a limited one-year warranty from the date of installation that protects the owner from defects due to workmanship. Each of its products has its own warranties as provided by the manufacturer. 

Empire offers 12- or 48- month financing to help homeowners pay for their service.

Cons of Empire Flooring

There are a couple of downsides to Empire to keep in mind.

First, you can only buy flooring that includes an installation. It is not possible to purchase flooring materials from Empire and perform a DIY project.

In addition, as Empire has seen its number of physical locations evaporate over the years, they have had to increase their reliance on Empire-approved contractors. This has led to a bit of inconsistency of service that has drawn the ire of some customers. 

Finally, although the company offers a robust online shopping experience through its website and digital tools, an in-person consultation is required before the company will provide a quote for installation. 

Pros of Luna Flooring

Like Empire, Luna offers a vast selection of flooring materials, such as carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile. It offers free quotes, fast installation (next-day service in some locations), and an intuitive website to browse through the company catalog. Its innovative Virtual Floor Designer tool allows users to upload a photo of their space and see how different flooring materials will look in their home via a digital representation. 

It offers both 12- and 48-month financing options. The 12 month is particularly attractive because it comes with no interest if paid in full within the 12 month window. The company is also known for offering extensive coupons and discounts, with some seasonal events taking up to 70% off the cost of materials. 

Luna flooring offers a limited one-year warranty on installation to protect the homeowner from errors in workmanship, with each of its products offering their own manufacturer warranties as well. 

Cons of Luna Flooring

Although Luna provides a number of digital tools to help guide you through the shopping experience, you cannot get a quote without scheduling a consultation. While this is similar to Empire, Luna has fewer in-person vendors, so it can be a little more inconvenient to get that consultation scheduled. All four of its physical offices are in Illinois with independent contractors in other locations, primarily in the east and midwest. 

Like Empire, Luna is a full-service flooring company that does not sell materials separate from service, so it is not an option for DIYers. 

Empire and Luna Side By Side

Now that you know all of the pros and cons of these flooring service providers, let’s take a look at how they stack up side-by-side:

luna vs empire

Final Thoughts: Empire vs Luna

All in all, there are more similarities than differences between these two leading flooring providers.

"Choosing a flooring company sets the stage for realizing your dreams. Look beyond the surface and select a company that combines expertise, craftsmanship, and a passion for bringing your vision to life." - Ron Dardashti, Ultimate Floors.

This is somewhat to be expected, as Empire purchased Luna in 2012 but continues to operate it as a distinct brand. If you are located in Illinois or a neighboring state, Luna is likely to be a top provider. Empire may prove to be the better choice for homeowners located elsewhere who place a priority on next-day service.

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