Graber vs Hunter Douglas Blinds

Sam Willis

December 24,2022

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Window treatments are already needed for all households, but have you considered taking your window treatments a step further? Blinds are one of the best ways not only to add some sophistication to your home, but you’re essentially allowing your home to have this balance between natural lighting and privacy. But what about brands? There are more than enough brands out there, but all this does is overcomplicate things, right?

 Well, there are two major brands that tend to reign supreme when it comes to blinds: Graber vs Hunter Douglas. These brands are practically household names at this point, with each one packing its own charm. But in order to get a stellar window treatment for your home, you’re going to need to figure out which of the two is best for your space. Let’s dive right in and compare the two!

Graber vs. Hunter Douglas: A Comparison

Graber and Hunter Douglas are both trendy window treatment brands. They both offer a wide variety of designer-level blinds and window shades. Plus, when it comes to both of these brands, they offer customization, so you’re bound to find exactly what you need.


If you have a passion for sustainability, then Graber should be your first choice. This North American company reuses and recycles whenever possible. They offer a wide variety of window treatments, from blinds to shades and so much more.

Hunter Douglas

In the Graber vs. Hunter Douglas debate, there is going to be one major thing that makes Hunter Douglas so distinctive. These would be their battery-operated shades. They offer custom blinds from various materials, such as wood to metal, and they’re all motorized. If you’re wanting to build a smart home, then this could be an excellent choice their Hunter Douglas Powerview App allows for full control of the blinds.

Graber vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds: The Differences

While Graber vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds may seem similar at first glance since both of these brands are on the higher end, they each have differences that make them unique. Keep reading to learn more about the brands and the window interior treatment they offer, so you can make the best choice for your windows.


Who doesn't love a good freebie? Hunter Douglas will send a free window designing brochure, while Graber will send swatches to you for free.


Hunter Douglas is considered to be far more expensive compared to Graber. However, don’t allow price to get in the way, as Hunter Douglas does provide a very high-quality product that can last for years to come. But even with the lower price point that Graber has, this doesn’t mean that the quality is low; in fact, it’s far from it!


Hunter Douglas and Graber offer a wide selection of blinds, shutters, and shades. Since these are both reputable companies, you can count on having high-quality blinds. These each provide a large selection of materials, but even horizontal and vertical blinds too. Additionally, Graber also offered shades and drapes, something that Hunter Douglas does not provide.


Graber vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds: Customization

As for customizing, you can count on both Graber vs. Hunter Douglas to be equal in this regard. Both brands allow you to customize your window treatments. This is marvelous as you’ll be able to have an appearance in your space that’s entirely unique to you! There’s an array of styles out there! But this includes colors, materials, and the combinations are essentially endless!

Ethics & Sustainability

You can count on both ethics and sustainability to be socially responsible. However, both of these brands do vary a bit. Graber will primarily focus on environmentally conscious approaches, such as implementing recycling, sourcing renewable hardwoods, or utilizing minimal packaging. These factors are something that many customers put high regard. While Hunter Douglas isn’t as environmentally conscious, they are known for being heavily involved in charities such as Habitat for Humanity and the Arbor Day Foundation. You can say that both brands focus on the greater good.


Hunter Douglas and Graber offer you the option to motorize your window treatments, but their systems vary slightly. Hunter Douglas does provide more options in terms of this, such as the Powerview Motorization and the SoftTouch Motorization. On the other hand, Graber uses Somfy technology, a one-touch control. There isn’t a major difference in the motors for these two brands.

Graber vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds, Which is Better?

Graber vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds

Graber and Hunter Douglas both have some wonderful window treatment options! These both provide a high-end window treatment appearance that will just instantly elevate your space. Hunter Douglas and Graber are continuously building up their reputation and always striving to improve the quality. So, when it comes to Graber vs. Hunter Douglas, which one should you choose? Well, it’s all going to depend on you! These are both excellent brands, both of which provide a large selection of window treatments. So it’s just going to come down to your budget and preference. Regardless of your choice, you can feel confident knowing you will have a one-of-a-kind window treatment!

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