Foundry Vinyl Shake Siding Review and Alternatives

Foundry Vinyl Shake Siding

Jeff Guthrie

December 24,2022

Jeff Guthrie, founder of Phoenix Roofing and Repair is a lead Building Product Advisor on Roofing and Siding materials.

If you like the look of cedar wood shake siding but would prefer a more affordable and maintenance-free alternative, vinyl shake siding is a great choice.

The progress of technology has allowed producers to create vinyl shake siding that looks almost exactly like real wood. It requires little care and is durable and long-lasting.

Numerous retailers provide vinyl cedar shake siding, which is also produced by a number of different manufacturers. We'll examine Foundry's vinyl shake costs and product reviews in this post. We'll also look at a few more suppliers for vinyl cedar shake siding as well.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding vs Traditional Cedar Shake Siding

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding vs Traditional Cedar Shake Siding

To protect your property from the elements, exterior cladding options like vinyl shake siding and cedar shingles are available. Cedar may be quite energy-efficient if it is installed appropriately. It can be challenging to install, though, and in order to stay in top shape, it needs regular maintenance.

Vinyl shake, while being a lightweight material, can withstand hurricane-force winds if installed properly. It is also extremely resistant to many other environmental factors because of its synthetic makeup.

Today's vinyl shake siding is developed to look nearly comparable to wood. Due to these improvements, it is no longer the case that vinyl looks less expensive or authentic.

The distinctive craftsman-style appearance of vinyl shake siding and cedar shingles makes it difficult to distinguish between the two without close inspection.

Foundry Vinyl Shake Siding

Foundry is a part of the sizable building materials company Tapco International that specializes in siding. Their vinyl shakes are intended for higher-end, luxury apartments or homes. They have a warm, natural texture since they are constructed using molds made of real cedar.

Every product has a lifetime warranty, a class A fire rating, is constructed of extremely strong vinyl, has extremely rich colors, and is coated to prevent fading.

The Split Shake comes first is the most popular option. It comes with a 7 inch exposure and a variety of 31 lovely color selections.

The colors can be mixed with different siding materials and range from natural and rustic tones to modern hues that would look wonderful on any building type.

People who have purchased Foundry's line of vinyl cedar shake siding have this to say about the product:

"Great, easy to install ! Good quality product! Just what we needed to give the old house some character!!" 

"I have an elevator tower that had vinyl shakes and needed to match for another project. I ordered the color pieces (I highly recommend if you are matching). The install was not difficult as long as your wall is straight, and the starter course is level. If you are starting at ground level, be aware that it is difficult to hook the shake tab into the starter strip. The product has an insertion clip at the top of each shake, and the shake tab at the bottom, that slides into the insertion clip of the installed shake of the course below. My project was while the weather was in the 40's and the vinyl was difficult to manipulate. On the sunny side, the insertion clip could be bent out for easier installation (as well as the shake tab). It was definitely a "learn as you go" project; pay particular attention to the spacing recommendations and use the J-channel to hide the end of the row." -Chief

"Easy to install, looks great. The construction of this product appears to be water tight." -Belinda

"This siding looks great! So many compliments. Unique, quality product!" -Ck

"I was very happy with the color and the size as well as ease of installation, however, they are not easy to clean or remove dirt stains." -Stan


The cost of Foundry vinyl cedar shake varies slightly depending on where you get it, but you should be prepared to pay between $6 and $7 per square foot plus the cost of installation.

Alternatives to Foundry

Alternatives to Foundry

You have a number of options, including shopping at Big Box retailers and Amazon, if you decide to buy your vinyl shake siding from another manufacturer. Here are three common options to think about:

Home Depot

Home Depot offers vinyl cedar shake siding in a range of (mainly neutral) hues. They market goods from Ply Gem and Novik. Materials at Home Depot range from $3.37 to $4.32 per square foot; installation expenses are not factored into this price.

Novik is made of moisture-resistant vinyl to avoid rotting. It has a "quick fit" installation feature and is supported by a manufacturer's warranty. Excellent vinyl cedar shake siding from Ply Gem provides the appearance of rough-sawn cedar but doesn't require as much upkeep. Customers like the manufacturer's lifetime limited guarantee.


Vinyl cedar shake siding by Novik and Georgia-Pacific is available at Lowe's. In comparison to Novik, Georgia-Pacific offers more color options.

Novik is made of moisture-resistant vinyl to avoid rotting. It has a "quick fit" installation feature and is supported by a manufacturer's warranty.

The Novik brand of vinyl cedar shake siding costs $3.55 on average per square foot at Lowe's. The vinyl shake products from Georgia-Pacific are more expensive, costing around $7 per square foot.


CertainTeed is one of the biggest and most established producers of building supplies in the USA. They provide the Northwoods line of high-end vinyl shakes for sale.

A shake with a 7-inch straight edge or a shake with a 9-inch staggered edge are both options. Both are available in 17 gorgeous colors.

These shakes are of the highest caliber, featuring a limited lifetime warranty, premium quality vinyl that is .050" thick, and a Class 1(A) fire rating. The realistic cedar impression finish, which has uneven patterns like real wood, was made using actual cedar.

Depending on the features you choose, the cost of CertainTeed shake siding will range from $4.50 to $9.00 per square foot. Only the product is included in the pricing; installation costs will vary according to location, architectural details, and if the old siding will be pulled down, among other considerations.

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