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Todd Gillman

December 24,2022

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When it comes to commercial properties and residential properties such as an apartment, how the mail is managed and delivered is going to be completely different. Unlike a small business or a stand-alone house, you’re not going to deal with a mailman simply ringing the doorbell or putting something in the mailbox/ mail slit.

Instead, these properties, especially large residential properties, are going to have large mailboxes. This is something that all property managers need to think about. If you’re running multifamily properties, then multi unit mailboxes just may be exactly what you need to get the mail system under control.

The mail system for these properties is going to be one of the most important aspects that cannot be shipped out. It’s going to be vital not only for the peace and security of your residents but this is a USPS regulation. If you don’t do it right the first time, you can expect fines. So, it’s best to save that money and the hassle by ensuring you get this done correctly the first time.

Understanding Mailbox Regulations

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When it comes to multifamily homes, not only should all of the residents feel assured that they’re going to have the right to privacy and security, including their mail, but there should also be compliance with state and federal regulations. There are various regulations that mailboxes must adhere to. Both multi-family and singular-family homes need to be compliant. Since you’re a property manager, you’re especially going to need to be compliant. You’ll have the FHA Regulations, USPS regulations, and ADA regulations that you’ll need to adhere to. For instance, the United States Postal Service requires one package locker for every five units, and the ADA specifies that at least 5% of mailboxes need to meet accessibility guidelines. 

However, even this could be completely overridden and needs to be 100% compliant based on your local jurisdiction codes. It’s so important to understand all the mailbox regulations, both on a federal and local level. With Florence Mailboxes, that worry can instantly be taken away as they closely follow and adhere to all regulations. So you can feel confident with your purchase.

What Type of Products Do Florence Mailboxes Offer?

As a property manager, it’s important to provide nothing but the best to your tenants in these multi-family homes. Everyone needs to know they’re safe and can feel secure, which can also go as far as mail. Florence Mailboxes offer an array of different products. Here’s what you can expect.

1. Cluster Box Units

Commonly known as CBU, these are freestanding or also known as pedestal-mounted cluster mailboxes. The CBUs are USPS-approved and are often used in new residential construction installations. However, these are also very popular with commercial properties too. These are safe, and they offer secure access to mail 24 hours a day. These are typically located in one central location. Florence is proud to be one of the only manufacturers that offer six USPS-approved CBU models, which include decorative accessories.

2. Horizontal Wall Mount Mailboxes

Before 2006, horizontal mailboxes were the standard for most multifamily residential and commercial spaces. These are older styles but can still be found and used today. Florence is a great example as they are still one of the manufacturers of this. While there are heavy regulations, such as the horizontal wall-mounted mailboxes needing to be STD-4 compliant, these are a great option for those who need this for a university or even office distribution.

3. USPS Approved Centralized Mailboxes

Known for their robustness and versatility, the 4C mailbox line from Florence helps take out all of the guesswork that property managers are going to face. Instead, you’re getting a mailbox that is entirely complete with all the USPS requirements and the ADA Fair Housing requirements too. While standard pre-configured options offer simple installation, Florence takes it a step higher for their customers by providing custom-built solutions. This product is available in three mounting types, including indoor and outdoor solutions.

4. Vertical Wall Mount Mailboxes

The 1250 series from Florence are USPS-approved, but they’re also perfect for smaller areas with minimal wall space. They’re top-loading, so they’re great for protecting the mail from the weather, but they can be installed indoors too.

The Basics of Florence Mailboxes

Image Source: Florencemailboxes.com

It’s important to thoroughly look into what the right mailboxes could be for your property but also for your tenants. You’ll have to consider some standard things, such as the installation process and the cost of the mailboxes. Let’s dive into some of the basic information you’re going to need to know about Florence before making a purchase.


While the prices for a Florence mailbox will vary heavily based on the model itself, you can expect the general price per unit to be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500.


The installation process is going to strongly depend on the model you get and whether this is free-standing or wall-mounted. Florence is dedicated to helping its customers, and they offer installation manuals for all of their products.

Usual maintenance

Florence mailboxes are made with strong aluminum and are essentially maintenance-free. However, they’re going to need to be cleaned from time to time, and this only requires a soft cloth and diluted water with mild soap. Even during the freezing months, even something such as “Tri-Flow® Superior Lubricant Aerosol” can be used in the keyholes. They provide a cleaning manual for their customers, which lists everything that needs to be done.

Positive feedback

Needless to say, customers are very happy with their purchases from Florence. This company prides itself on the hard work and dedication they bring with its top-of-the-line products. Most feedback received often praises how their mailboxes are USPS compliant and how this has saved a lot of stress and money. Property managers all across the US are looking into this as one of the best ways to protect and secure mail for their tenants.

Where Can You Order Florence Mailboxes?

Image Source: Florencemailboxes.com

Florence doesn’t outright sell their mailboxes on their website. Instead, you’re going to have to find a local or online dealer within their dealer network. While this can be considered a bit of a headache, Florence is still more than happy to help customers out with their purchases and answer any questions that may need to be asked.

Florence Customer service contact

Even though Florence doesn’t sell their products directly on their website, they’re still dedicated to answering any questions that you may have. They offer a contact page that’s filled their social media plugs, but you can also give them a call at 800-275-1747 if you’d like to hear back faster.

Why Go with Florence?

Overall, if you’re a property manager or have a business that needs multiple connected mailboxes, then Florence has got you covered. Their high quality cannot be beaten and they’re one of the best manufacturers in the United States that ensures that all of their mailboxes are fully compliant with regulations. Their dedication and high-quality customer service are excellent, and they’ll make sure that you get everything you need from their product line.

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