Drylok Extreme Waterproofing Reviews


Todd Gillman

December 24,2022

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Water damage is one of the largest concerns that a homeowner is going to have. This is more apparent if you have a basement, as this location is especially suspectable to leaks and other forms of water damage. One of the major go-to's for anyone who needs a water sealant, especially DIYers, will opt for Drylok. Drylok is a water sealant mostly used for basements, such as the wall, but it is also commonly used for other locations.

Leaky basements are a serious issue; this water damage can impact the structural integrity of your home and can be a general health hazard. Applying a waterproof coating to the walls will create a barrier preventing water from seeping in, which Drylok is often embraced for doing. However, Drylok is known for other solutions, such as lowering the humidity levels in basements.

Why is Waterproofing Needed?

Drylok Extreme Waterproofing Reviews

Not only is waterproofing vital as it helps keep the structural integrity of your home, but you can also count on this just preventing water damage in your home in general. Some areas, such as the floors, rooftops, kitchens, laundry rooms, walls, basements, bathrooms, and ceilings, are all common areas where water damage can happen. If there are insufficient waterproofing systems, then you can count on this, creating reoccurring problems such as cracks, mildew, mold, and blisters.

Regular maintenance and repairs due to water damage are going to be expensive; there’s the potential that your possessions, such as furniture, could be damaged or destroyed. Plus, on top of all of this, you and your family may face long-term respiratory problems due to spores from the water damage itself. 

Frequent upkeep can instantly protect your home, which will be the best way to prevent water damage in the first place. All homes need to be waterproofed, whether you do this as a DIY project or hire a professional to do it, but this should not be skipped out on.

Why Drylok?

Drylok Extreme Waterproofing Reviews

Drylok is one of the more commonly known brands on the market and one that’s most rejoiced about. Why? Well, this separates itself from the rest of the competitors because it’s perfect for first-time users and DIYers, can be done easily by one person and is readily available in-store and online. 

All of this, on top of the affordable price, it’s so easy to see Drylok is considered one of the top manufacturers of high-quality paint, painting materials, and waterproofer in the country. Plus, epoxy painted concrete floors are something that’s needed too when waterproofing.

What Products Does Drylok Offer?

Drylok offers a large array of products that suit all its customers' needs. With their wide variety, you can expect that all customer needs are met, whether it’s first-timers or professional contractors. Here are some of the highest-selling products that Drylok offers.

1. Drylok Brush

One common mistake is that DIYers make a mistake and will use the wrong brush when they’re applying Drylok. The brush you choose is also going to make an impact on the application, but the ease of it too. The Drylok Brush is specially designed to hold onto the heavy products that Drylok has, as most products hold a very heavy consistency. With the hard bristles, you’ll be able to apply a smooth coating without any mess.

2. DRYLOK® Concrete and Masonry Liquid Etch & Cleaner

Covering 300 square feet for cleaning and 150 square feet for etching, this product is a one-step concrete cleaner, etcher, and brightener. This Drylok product removes efflorescence and excess mortar. This is meant to be a safer alternative to muriatic acid, and this smooths out the concrete prior to painting.

3. DRYLOK® Extreme Concrete & Masonry Waterproofer

One of the top-selling products by the Drylok brand, this is meant to protect new construction from water infiltration. It’s guaranteed to stop water up to 15 psi and can resist 140 mph hurricane-level winds. You can expect two apply both coatings within just a day as the dry time is quick.

4. DRYLOK® Floor & Wall Masonry Waterproofer

With a fully transferable seven-year warranty covering 90 to 100 square feet per gallon, this versatile masonry waterproofer is one of the highest in-demand products for filling cracks in cement that Drylok has to offer. It can be applied to exterior and interior, as well as above and below grade. It can resist up to 98 mph hurricane winds.

Why Pick Drylok for Your Needs?

Drylok Extreme Waterproofing Reviews

While Drylok offers multiple products, this brand is known and chosen thanks to its versatility. Whether you need to waterproof your basement or any other room in your home, their products have got you covered. Their coverage is top-notch, too; each gallon (depending on the product) is able to cover anywhere from 100 to 350 square feet. 

Plus, for most Drylok products, you’re only going to need two coats at the maximum, while other brands will require more coatings, such as three or more. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, then Drylok is the way to go.

Cost of Drylok

Waterproofing a home can be costly, which is one of the reasons why homeowners will often skip out on doing this. However, Drylok is known for being one of the more cost-effective solutions compared to other brands out on the market. The cost is going to vary based on the product and how large the space is, but on average, a gallon of Drylok may cost you roughly $25.

The moisture resistant paint isn’t so expensive, considering you’ll only need two coatings at maximum. Plus, considering how this is sold online and in-store, you’ll have an easier time comparing prices. Overall, it’s a great solution for those who are looking to spend as little money as possible waterproofing their home.

Drylok Installation Process

While Drylok doesn’t require a professional application, it’s still important to know how to apply the product. Fortunately, for most of the product lines that Drylok offers, it’s easy for just one person to do the entire application process. Drylok has even provided a step-by-step guide on how to properly waterproof basement walls for their customers.

Is Drylok Worth It?

Yes! Absolutely! Drylock is one of the best waterproofing tools for many professional contractors and first-time home improvement projects. Thanks to the ease of purchase and the low cost, Drylok is considered one of the best on the market. It’s important to waterproof your home, and Drylok is here to let you know that you don’t have to break the bank in order to do it. Keep your home dry with Drylok!

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