Closets by Design vs California Closets

Andrea Erickson

December 24,2022

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A dream for many homeowners would be having a walk-in or reach-in closet. It’s deemed as one of the most valuable home improvement projects, with good reason too. This is a valuable upgrade that just makes your clothes and accessories feel more organized in the most luxurious way. While some homeowners will take the DIY approach, others will opt for companies that can design and install the customer’s dream closet. It can be a bit intimidating to narrow down which company is best for you, especially if you want to avoid the whole cookie-cutter closet system.

Closet by Design and California Closets are the two biggest closet design companies in the market. They both offer a variety of storage solutions that can fit perfectly into a large walk-in closet and even a quaint reach-in closet. When it comes to both of these closet companies, you just can’t go wrong, but what are some of the differences between them? Today, we’ll give you all the details when comparing California Closets vs. Closets by Design so you can narrow down which is best for you!

Closets by Design vs. California Closets: Why Think About It?

There are many closet companies in the market, and depending on where you live, you may have more than enough companies to choose from. Each of these companies is going to bring something different to the table. The same can be said for Closets by Design vs. California Closets. Both of these will offer their own services and offerings that are brand-exclusive.

What are the Differences?

Closets by Design vs California Closets
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To better understand which company will best suit your needs, you’ll need to be well-informed on what both companies offer. It’s vital that the company and its offerings match your needs and expectations. So, what are the major differences between California Closets and Closets by Design? Let’s dive right in!


For most customers, the price will be the biggest factor in helping them decide which option is best for them. For the most part, you can expect each of these companies to have a varied price range, as this is the best approach to help customers with varied budgets.

California Closets

California Closets claims they will offer a custom design for any customer regardless of budget. Their Level 1, a closet design based on simplicity for six feet of space, will start at around $1,000 but can grow. Their highest tier, Level 4, is a luxury package that starts at $11,000 for 6 feet of space. As you can tell, the price range can vary heavily, but the starting price is in the thousands.

Closet by Design

So what about Closet by Design? Well, they offer customized closets for people with different budgets as well. Similarly, enough California Closets, their price range starts at around $1000 for basic customization of the closet space. However, they have additional upgrades and extras, which can range in price from $3,000 to $8,000.


While the pricing is similar between the two brands, the differences appear in the timeline regarding Closets by Design vs. California Closets. If you want to avoid long durations and expect a tight deadline, then California Closets will be your best bet. They’re fast with deadlines and work to get the ball rolling for installation shortly after the consultation. Closets by Design is quite different, as there tend to be delays and the timeline is more drawn out.


While there is something so refreshing about organizing a closet, it should be laid out so that it can last for years. While you may need to pay a premium for California Closets, they have a great selection of materials for the designs of the closet. This helps in keeping it nice and organized. But what about Closets by Design? 

They’re considered just as expectational, too, as their team intricately selects the right materials needed for the installation process. There isn’t any difference in longevity when it comes to Closets by Design vs. California Closets, as both provide a long-lasting closet system!


The customization process between both of these companies is exceptional! They can both provide a tailor-made solution for your space. The selections that both offers can include colors, patterns, styles, and various other elements. Discussing your vision during the consultation process is best to learn more about the selection. This is hands-down one of the most important factors when choosing from Closets by Design vs. California Closets.

Closets by Design vs California Closets

Customization Offered

The best closet designer needs to allow customizations so your dreams can come to a reality, but what are the biggest differences in customization when it comes to Closets by Design vs. California Closets?

Closet by Design

Closet by Design offers four different types of design customizations:

  • Everyday Collection- family friend customizations meant for everyone
  • Brio Collection- meant to feature a bold appearance
  • Regency Collection- meant to be a refined style, something that’s practical yet sophisticated.
  • Classic Collection- meant to reflect the traditional closet but with a soft edge

California Closets

California Closet labels its design varieties different, as it’s shown in levels rather than categories:

  • Level 1 Practical Simplicity- this means to be a simple custom design
  • Level 2 Expanded Features- customers can choose designs for larger spaces with more customization features
  • Level 3 Elevated- this level is meant for those who want to elevate their closet into something extraordinary completely
  • Level 4 Luxury Refined Level- their premium level, this means to offer an aesthetic design for walk-in closets


Those finishing thoughts will help get the closet to match your décor and preferred aesthetics. When it comes to Closets by Design vs. California Closets, you can count on some differences between the two companies.

Closet by Design

They offer three main finishes, but there are other options for finishes if you’re willing to spend extra for the design. This includes woodgrain and solid colors. There are some texture finishes, too, such as their Brio and VIVA series. Closets by Design also offers a range of doors, knobs, and handles to complete the look.

California Closet

California Closet prides itself on the color palettes and materials it gets from its designers worldwide. This can give them the upper edge for finishes. Some of the finishes they offer are:

  • Classic- flat colors such as white and ivory
  • Albero- meant to replicate natural wood grain
  • LuxeMatte- comes with a velvet matte finish for a minimalistic appearance
  • Dakota- gives the appearance of painted wood
  • Lago- this finish is meant to replicate the feel of wood veneer
  • Tesoro- offered in eight colors; this is recycled wood

Closet Accessories

Accessories are a significant aspect that helps create a dreamy closet. Closet by Design offers an array of closet accessories, from cubies, Hampers, shelf fences, jewelry jars, islands, adjustable shelves, and many more. On the other hand, California Closets offers show storage, jewelry drawer dividers, hampers poles, baskets, integrated safes, and so much more. They mainly aim to provide designated accessories with customized closets.

How To Choose The Right Closet Company?

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Even with all the information provided, choosing between California Closets vs. Closets by Design can still be challenging. If you’re wanting to spruce up your home, then some other things you’ll need to take into account when you’re choosing between the two should include:

  • The reviews you see online
  • Stock solutions
  • Your budget and whether the company can provide your vision on the budget
  • The consultation you’ve received
  • Warranties

Final Thoughts: Closets by Design vs. California Closets

It can be tricky deciding between California Closets and Closets by Design; they’re both excellent companies that bring something fresh and unique to the table. Just be prepared to decide on the components you’re after, accessories, and finishes you’ll need for your closet space.

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