Cambridge vs Nicolock Pavers

Roger Marx

December 24,2022

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Whether you’re after the ultimate patio, an outdoor kitchen, or even want to create the perfect magazine-worthy poolside oasis; you’re going to first need to decide what pavers are right for you. While at first glance, all pavers look the same, however, each manufacturer, such as Cambridge vs. Nicolock pavers, is going to greatly stand out when you do a deep dive into some of the differences.

From the prices to the colors of the paving stones, and even right down to the texture, each of these can make a major difference in the transformation of the hardscapes on your property. So, let’s take a look into Nicolock vs. Cambridge to see what’s best for your property!

Nicolock Pavers vs. Cambridge

When it comes to Cambridge vs. Nicolock pavers, both of these brands offer great paver technology. On top of that, they also provide plenty of excellent design options for your property too. In general, paver technology is a very important aspect, especially if you want to boost the value of your property. Plus, both of these manufacturers provide luxurious options. Let’s dive into Cambridge pavers vs. Nicolock pavers, so you make the best decision for your property.


This U.S. manufacturer offers everything from interlocking concrete paving stones to segmental retaining wall systems. Nicolock is considered highly regarded in the paving industry for its hardscaping and patio paver products.


Offering hundreds of different stones in various beloved collections, you’ll find Cambridge Pavingstones. What helps this brand stand out in Cambridge vs. Nicolock pavers is the fact that Cambridge fully embraces creativity in hardscapes. Their product is not only perfect for pavers, but this goes as fall as unique mailbox casings to fire pits.

Cambridge vs. Nicolock Pavers: What are the Differences?

Like many other pavers in the industry, you can count on some major differences between Nicolock and Cambridge pavers. We’ll take a closer look at some of the significant differences that these two brands offer.


Cambridge vs Nicolock Pavers
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Both Cambridge and Nicolock offer paver technology that is both equally unique to the brands. Cambridge Pavingstones utilizes their ArmorTec technology, while Nicolock has their Paver Shield technology. So let’s dive into the patented technology that both of these pavers provide!

  • ArmorTec from Cambridge Pavingstones is an ingredient that all of their pavers have. This provides a robust and non-slip option, all without risking quality. Not to mention that this helps create a durable product that allows the color within the stone to last for years to come.
  • Nicolock’s Paver Shield technology does have some similarities to Cambridge’s ArmorTec. This allows the stones to retain smoothness and durability for many years.

In the end, when it comes to Cambridge vs. Nicolock Pavers, the technology for both is similar, so you can count on having a highly durable product if you were to select either paver brand.


The paver technology for both Cambridge and Nicolock is indeed strikingly similar. However, the appearance, texture, and feel are not. Cambridge offers mostly traditional options in terms of its designs, although some of its colors are considered bold or artificial. What about Nicolock? On the other hand, they offer a mix of traditional and modern options, with plenty of muted tones.

Application Process

When it comes to the application process for Cambridge vs. Nicolock Pavers, are they the same? Well, Cambridge and Nicolock both offer a variety of options depending on the applications. For example, Cambridge offers plenty of excellent outdoor patio, deck, and walkway choices. 

While Nicolock also offers some of the same application options, along with pavers that are perfect for the driveway. In general, there aren’t a lot of differences in the application process unless you’re focusing on something specific such as a patio, poolside, etc.

Which is the Best Choice?

Cambridge vs Nicolock Pavers
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Overall, it’s going to be up to you. There isn’t a distinct winner when you compare Cambridge vs. Nicolock Pavers. These are both highly praised brands, which could easily make a great addition to your property. You can count on getting top-quality paver technology from both of these brands! While Nicolock offers better color and value for your money, Cambridge will offer more building variety for your hardscapes. The better choice is the one that fits your design needs and wants.


Which pavers are expected to last the longest?

You can expect both Nicolock and Cambridge pavers to last a lifetime. However, most pavers are at risk of chipping and fragmenting due to the freezing and thawing cycles over the winter periods.

Are Cambridge pavers considered to be good quality?

Cambridge Pavingstones is considered to be one of the best paving manufacturers in the industry, with the manufacturer promising that “they’ll look like new forever.”

What are Nicolock pavers made of?

Nicolock pavers are concrete paving stones. This means that they’re not cobblestone or brick. Instead, they’re concrete that has been molded into the style and shape of bricks and stones.

How do you maintain Cambridge pavers?

Cambridge vs Nicolock Pavers
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If you want to ensure that you have pavers that look brand new for years to come, then you’re going to need to implement some minor maintenance. This includes scrubbing and rinsing your pavers with hot water. Some homeowners will use products such as Oxyclean, while others will use household products such as dish soap. Just make sure you avoid bleach, as this can damage the stone.

Cambridge vs. Nicolock Pavers: What’s Right for Me?

As you can see, there are so many different options that you’ll have to consider when it comes to the best paving stones. It can be tough having to choose the right pavers for your hardscape. While some of these brands may have specific c features, others might have the perfect design. There truly isn’t a right or wrong answer. It’s really all about what you value most for your property.

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