American Standard White vs Arctic White

Andrea Erickson

December 24,2022

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When it comes to the bathroom, the décor and layout are just as important as the rest of the home. You can even say that the colors within the bathroom hold just as high of importance as the rest of the home. One thing that can be tricky, however, would be getting the colors just right. This can extend to the colors of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and shower paneling.

While most of these are the color white, it’s so important to know that there are a variety of shades of white, so it doesn’t instantly mean that all whites match. This includes American Standard White vs. Arctic White. But what are the differences between these two shades of white? How can you determine which of the two is best for your bathroom? Continue reading on to find out more!

The Importance of Getting the Colors Right

If you’re looking online or at a store for bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, you may not instantly consider the color, right? They’re all almost always white, so the shade of white itself just doesn’t come to mind. It’s completely understandable, too. However, when you’re selecting this, you’re going to want to make sure that everything matches and that it nicely complements the rest of the bathroom. Even if you’re still picking colors for your bathroom, the task alone can be fairly difficult especially if the shade of white, whether it be arctic White or American Standard White, looks too similar to you.

However, it’s best to put a little more thought and understanding into palettes in the first place. So, before diving right into what type of white you want for your plumbing fixtures, you may want to consider the color scheme for your space as you want to get this just right, as it can make a world of difference. This can include opting for:

  • Triadic color palette
  • Monochromatic color palette
  • Neutral color palette

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is the color of the plumbing fixtures you already have and what you’re looking to replace. For example, if you’re switching out your sink in the bathroom, it’s strongly recommended to get the same exact same shade as the rest of the plumbing fixtures in your space.

American Standard White vs. Arctic White: What’s the Difference?

American Standard White vs. Arctic White

At first glance, you may be unable to tell the difference between Arctic White and American Standard White. However, with a trained eye and the right lighting, you can spot some mild differences between these two shades of white. Here are some differences when choosing between the two shades!


If you’re looking to add some vividness to your bathroom through your plumbing fixtures, then the best option is arctic White. It’s pretty bright and eye-catching, and it really knows how to draw eyes, plus the name is very fitting for it. While you’re not going to feel as if you’re in the Arctic when looking at this shade, you can feel confident that this is one of the brighter shades of white in the market for bathroom fixtures. This can be a benefit, however, you may be at risk of having a more outdated appearance to your bathroom with this option.


Since Arctic White has the title for being quite vivid, then American Standard White deserves to have the title for being muted. This can be perfect if you’re wanted to bring neutral-earthy tones into your bathroom, such as creating a miniature spa.


The substrate may not get much attention from the untrained eye, but when it comes to American Standard White vs. arctic White and selecting the best color for your bathroom, this will count. The arctic White has a slight blueish cast on it, while the American Standard White will have a softer white on the cast, which helps in giving it a muted appearance. This is probably not noticed unless you compare the two colors side by side.


The substrates will also impact the undertones of the two colors. The American Standard White has some slight hints of gray and yellow undertones in it. Meanwhile, the arctic White undertones in the light will most likely be some blues.

Arctic White vs. American Standard White: What to Consider

American Standard White vs. Arctic White

While there are some differences between the two colors, you shouldn’t narrow down what you want solely based on preference. Just as every space in your home deserves to look its best, the same should go for the bathroom. Here are two factors to consider when selecting American Standard White vs. arctic White.

Light Source

The light source is something else that needs to be kept in mind, as this pairs up with undertones. Your plumbing fixtures will be displayed differently depending on the light source. Artificial light will give a different appearance than natural lighting, and undertones can come into play. Even the placement of light in the bathroom also needs to be taken into account. In artificial lighting, especially in darker spaces, you may be unable to properly notice if you’re mixing and matching different shades of white, such as an arctic White Sink and an American Standard White toilet. However, if the lighting is natural, or if it’s hanging directly above these, then it can make an impact.

Colors in the Space

American Standard White vs. Arctic White

When decorating your home, you will most likely have a complementing color palette in each room, right? Well, it should be just as important in your bathroom too. So, whenever you’re selecting which of the two colors to pick from for your bathroom fixtures, you may also want to put the other colors in the space into account as well. This can include the color on the walls, color of your bathroom flooring, decorative accents, window treatment, and light fixtures.

Can You Mix American Standard White and Arctic White?

If you’re considering mixing it up, it’s best to not expect that these two shades of white will match. If American Standard White and arctic White are not right next to each other, then most likely, no one will notice the differences. However, having your bathroom plumbing fixtures remain the same shade of white is strongly recommended. It’s the best way to ensure that your bathtub, sink, and toilet color complement each other!

When in Doubt, Let Us Help Out!

If you’re still struggling with arctic White vs. American Standard and need some help, then why not contact the American Standards Customer Support Team? We’re dedicated to helping you out so you can make the best purchase! Make your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams with the help of American Standard!

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