7 Eye-Popping Vinyl Shake Siding Colors That Will Have Your House Shaking with Style

7 Vinyl Shake Siding Colors Ideas & Options

Jeff Guthrie

December 24,2022

Jeff Guthrie, founder of Phoenix Roofing and Repair is a lead Building Product Advisor on Roofing and Siding materials.

Shake siding is one of the best choices for people who want to make a serious impact on the look of their home. It’s a classy, rustic-yet-coastal siding choice that looks perfect as a beach house or as a country cottage facade. In the past, shake had to remain a wooded or whitewashed color because it had to be made of wood.

Nowadays, we have the magic of vinyl for shake siding—and that means we get way more options. Let’s take a look at the best ones below!

1. Oceanic Blues

Vinyl Shake Siding Colors - Oceanic Blues

Source: CeDUR Roofing Shake

A deep blue-grey has been a staple of luxury homes in mountain areas as well as parts of the Northeast. It’s easy to see why. This is a color that gives your home an amazingly beautiful and stately veneer worthy of an elegant Cape Cod mansion. 

Believe it or not, this shake color was actually fairly popular as a wood stain prior to the invention of vinyl shake. This makes it one of the most elegant “old school” options that currently resides on the market.

2. A Little Sage Advice

A Little Sage Advice

Source: Georgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding

If you have a home surrounded by woods or manicured-yet-lush gardens, then you are going to want to use a shake color that helps accentuate it. Sage green is a perfect pick, and thanks to the sturdiness of vinyl, this color won’t fade quickly like it used to.

This is a great choice for people who want to pair the shake with brown shutters, or even a crisp dark grey-blue roof like the photo above. Regardless of what you pair it with, it’s safe to say that this look will offer a great, homey, and all-American look. 

3. Going Grey

Going Grey

Source: All About Siding

Grey isn’t just a color that’s trendy and modern. It’s also one of the most popular vinyl shake siding colors in history. It’s easy to see why, too. This shake color offers a quiet dignity that is hard to compete with—even if you are a major fan of color.

In many parts of the East Coast, grey has become one of the most popular go-to colors for vinyl shake. The reason why is simple: it makes you look a lot wealthier than you are, and that means a better resale value for your home. 

4. I Dream Of Cream

I Dream Of Cream

Source: Lowe’s

Cream siding is quickly becoming one of the most requested colors of vinyl shake siding in America, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t show dust as quickly as white, but it does offer the same “house-expanding” effect that white shake siding does. 

If you want to make your house look larger and cleaner than most others on the block, cream is a smart choice. It’s particularly popular in beach houses and homes that are part of a suburban development because it offers that chic and expensive look. 

5. Boom, Boom, Beige

Boom, Boom, Beige

Source: Siding Cost Calculator

Beige might seem like a boring color, but it’s anything but dull. Beige is a classic shake siding color because it looks good, natural, and to a point, effortless. People love beige siding because it looks like real wood and because it has a naturally beachy look to it that’s hard to ignore. 

This is the best shake color for people who want to get more of a “log cabin” or “surfside beach house” type of look. The reason why is actually pretty easy to see. Beige is the same color as regular wood, so it gives  your house an authentic and natural look.

6. Downtown Brown

Downtown Brown

Source: Siding Cost Calculator

If you like the idea of having a woody exterior, but want something a little darker, forget the beige and go straight for brown. Brown, especially when it has a little bit of red undertones like the illustration here, gives your home a stately British mansion look. 

Brown is a great pick for people who love the look of a Tudor home, but want to get more cottage-y touches to a house’s facade. When paired with white, cream, or even beige accents, you get a house that looks like it’s fresh out of a magazine’s pages. What’s not to adore?

7. See It In Cedar

See It In Cedar

Source: CeDUR

Cedar is a shade of brown that has been given a reddish overtone with subtle stripes that help it look like it was chopped right off a cedar tree. This is not exactly a color as much as it is a faux wood stain, but it still manifests to be an incredibly popular option. 

This is the best choice for people who want to bring out all the earthy and magical wonder of having a cottage in the woods. It’s a very welcoming and beautiful veneer for any home. The best part is that unlike real cedar, this won’t attract too many pests!

Shake It, Baby!

Ask any major architect, and they’ll tell you that vinyl shake is as trendy as can be. What’s amazing about vinyl shake is that it’s durable and also affordable. All things considered, it’s a great way to modernize the old concept of shake. When you’re ready to make the transition to a shake exterior, make sure to shop alongside your contractors. They can help point out the right shake for your home.

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