SwiftWall® Elevates Healthcare Construction Design and Planning with the Launch of SwiftWall® Flex BIM Objects

Jackie Kaufman

September 26,2023

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MIDLAND, MI, September 26, 2023 — SwiftWall® introduces a new era of adaptability for healthcare professionals with SwiftWall® Flex BIM Objects tailored specifically for the healthcare sector, building on the success of the Max and Pro products. This dynamic addition to the SwiftWall BIM Objects collection provides professionals in the healthcare industry with unparalleled adaptability in the design and construction phases of any project.

SwiftWall® has always been at the forefront of construction innovation, and the launch of SwiftWall® Flex BIM Objects represents a significant milestone in providing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools to enhance their phased construction and renovation projects.
SwiftWall® Flex for Healthcare Construction and Renovation:

SwiftWall® Flex temporary wall system is engineered with the healthcare industry in mind, offering a remarkable ability to adjust its height, up to 2 3/4 feet. This unique feature addresses the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare facilities during construction and renovation. Architects, designers, and healthcare planners can seamlessly integrate SwiftWall® Flex's adaptable temporary wall systems into their projects, ultimately improving efficiency and patient care.

Joe Asiala, Founder and CEO of SwiftWall®, emphasizes, "SwiftWall® Flex is engineered to elevate the healthcare environment, providing adjustable solutions that perfectly align with the dynamic nature of patient care during construction and renovation."

SwiftWall® Flex empowers healthcare professionals to optimize their construction and renovation spaces, meeting the unique challenges posed by an active work site.

SwiftWall® Flex BIM Objects for Design and Planning:

SwiftWall® Flex BIM Objects empower healthcare professionals to visualize and plan their spaces in ways that meet the ever-changing dynamics of an active construction site. BIM objects enable precise planning and visualization of the construction process, optimizing space design and utilization, while simultaneously ensuring that the design component of the work is executed as efficiently as possible; many times, 3x faster than the conventional design methods.

Accessible at www.bimobject.com/en-us/swiftwall, Flex BIM Objects introduce an unprecedented dimension to Building Information Modeling (BIM). They enable precise planning and visualization of the construction process, optimizing space utilization and ensuring efficient execution regardless of project complexity.

Key highlights of SwiftWall's Flex BIM Objects designed for the healthcare industry include:

  • Dynamic Height Adjustment: Supporting adaptability in healthcare spaces, promoting patient well-being and caregiver efficiency.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Streamlining healthcare design and construction processes, reducing errors, and enabling prompt decision-making.
  • Collaborative Design: Facilitating seamless collaboration among stakeholders, fostering clear communication and cohesive project execution.
  • Visual Precision: Allowing healthcare professionals to visualize the patient experience and optimize layouts through any project size.
  • Specialized Components: Needs that are not typical can be designed in the objects to reflect the needed elements, therefore being quoted and implemented correctly in a project becomes easier.
  • Adaptability & Flexibility: Healthcare buildings are dynamic and constantly improving. SwiftWall Flex provides designers the flexibility to create dynamic spaces and adjustments to spaces, increasing the ability to adapt to changing needs. 

SwiftWall® Flex and Flex BIM Objects represent our dedication to enhancing the healthcare environment through innovative technology. Architects, designers, and healthcare experts can now access these solutions via www.bimobject.com/en-us/swiftwall to experience a new era of adaptable healthcare construction and renovation. 

For more information about SwiftWall® and its pioneering products, please visit www.swiftwall.com.

About SwiftWall®

SwiftWall® is a trailblazer in modern construction solutions, providing innovative products that redefine the way buildings are designed and constructed. Founded in mid-Michigan in 2014, SwiftWall® manufactures modular wall systems in the USA that can be quickly and cleanly assembled to divide and separate space during construction or to create new temporary or extended-use spaces, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. SwiftWall® systems are assembled in a matter of minutes or hours and can be easily removed, reconfigured, and reused multiple times. 

For more information and how-to videos, visit www.swiftwall.com.

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