Prefab Hunting Cabins Buyers Guide for 2023


Brian Jeffries

December 24,2022

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Are you dreaming of going out hunting or hiking on a cold autumn day, just waiting to return to your cozy and warm cabin? You won’t have to hang out in your car to warm up, or camp outside in the cold, but instead could head right into your cabin and be greeted with a comforting rustic style with a wonderful scent lingering in the air. 

While this may sound like a dream, thanks to prefab hunting cabins, this is something that anyone can have! If you love the great outdoors, but hate the idea of the large cost that traditional log cabins, then this is perfect. Whether you’re a hunter or a lover of rustic homes, you’ll be able to kick back, relax, close your eyes and drift away.

What are Prefab Hunting Cabins?

Known as prefabricated cabins, these are manufactured off-site and then shipped to a location. They can either be entirely manufactured as a whole and then transported to its location, or it’s assembled on-site. This is all going to depend on the brand and the size (plus layout) or the prefab cabin itself. 

There isn’t a specific style for prefab cabins, as these are all going to depend on what the manufacturer offers. Hunting cabins on the other hand are fairly small, they may be one large room or offer a small living room and a kitchen (combined) with a small bedroom and bathroom. It’s just all going to vary, but these are meant to be small and cozy enough for little getaways, such as hunting trips.

Are Prefab Cabins a Type of Modular Home?

While there is often some confusion between modular homes and prefab cabins, there are some differences between the two. Modular homes (including modular cabin construction) are governed by building and zoning laws while prefab cabins are more close to what a traditional home is as the federal Department of Housing governs this. Plus, there is a difference in quality, too, as modular homes tend to not last nearly as long as prefab cabins do.

The Benefits of Choosing a Prefab Hunting Cabin

Whole prefab hunting cabins sound as if they’re only good for living out that rustic fantasy, but it actually goes far beyond that. Sure, this could be your home away from home, or you could even just make it into your new home; it’s all going to be up to you and what you’re after. However, numerous benefits go beyond aesthetics, so here are a few benefits you might want to consider for prefab hunting cabins and prefab cabins overall!

Less costly compared to traditional cabins

Whether you're a nature enthusiast on a small lot or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, a prefab hunting cabin could be the answer. There are a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from. Some are simple rooms, while others feature a rustic look and feel. Whatever your needs are, a prefab cabin is a cost-effective option.

Most prefab cabins are built using sustainable materials, including bamboo flooring, Energy Star-certified appliances, and tankless water heaters. In addition, the structures are built in compliance with local and state building codes. Some manufacturers offer financial services and follow-up services to help homeowners with the process. Prefab cabins may also be available in panelized versions, giving you the ability to customize the interior. These kits typically include fixtures, finishes, and other details. The costs for a prefab cabin vary widely depending on the size and features.

The price per square foot for a prefab cabin can range from about $80 to $230. A 100-square-foot cabin will be on the higher end of the price spectrum, while a 500-square-foot cabin will be on the lower end. Before buying a cabin, you should discuss your specific needs with the manufacturer. They should be able to provide you with information about the building, shipping, and assembly. They should also provide you with a warranty for 5-10 years. This is considered significantly cheaper than building a traditional log cabin from the ground up.

They can be built locally

For the most part, these get built right on the lot. Some manufacturers may be able to provide DIY kits, which allow you to build the cabin yourself. You should also find out if they offer delivery and installation. You will also need to have the necessary permits, which vary depending on the structure. 

For the most part, you can rely on the manufacturer to provide all the materials and tools and to also do the installation process too. While this could technically be a DIY job, it’s better to allow the professionals that the manufacturer provided to do the installation itself. Besides, depending on the size, it may be already built by the time it arrives.

More customization

When it comes to traditional log cabins, even traditional homes, you’re usually limited on what you can customize. However, this is further from the case with prefab cabins. You can customize by size, shape, layout, interior, and exterior. They can be purchased with lofted ceilings or exposed beams. You can add porches or other features to make them more personal.

Plus, most prefab cabins are designed to withstand harsh elements. They can handle heavy snow loads and can also be built with insulation to help with energy efficiency. Essentially, you can make the cabin or your dreams, and manufacturers will provide this; even a small prefab hunting cabin can also have some customization too.

Available in a variety of styles

Just as you’re able to customize your prefab cabin, you can also choose multiple styles. While the customization process will heavily vary based on the manufacturer you choose (as not all of them will offer major customizations), you can at least choose the styles you want. This could include the exterior, such as the shape or color, but this may even include the windows, the doors, or even the overall layout of the prefab hunting cabin itself.

Where to buy Prefab Hunting Cabin

So, you’re considering getting something small and cozy for yourself? Whether you want something for retirement, a home away from home, or a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can count on prefab hunting cabins to provide you with this. While there are so many different prefab hunting cabin manufacturers out there, which ones are the best? Well, when it comes to where to buy these fabulous cabins, here are some of the top brands on the market that customers rejoice over.

1. American Log Homes

Priding itself on flexibility and affordability, American Log Homes focus on providing picturesque mini cabins that come in a variety of styles and sizing; from 364 square feet to 563 square feet. They offer a variety of floor plans, some of which include amenities such as decks, porches, and sleeping lofts.

However, they’re entirely open to customization and will allow their customers to come up with floor plans that can entirely meet all of their needs. How are they flexible? While their log cab kits can be customized and tailored to your liking, you can even do the building process yourself with contractors you prefer to work with.

2. Ulrich

No need to worry about cookie-cutter models, when you buy from Ulrich, you’re getting the opportunity to collaborate and create a design and layout that fits your ideas. The experience is headache-free, and you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re wanting. It’s all based on your aesthetic and preferences, so you’re not going to get anything that’s premade. 

This is one of the major aspects that allows Ulrich to stand out. Unlike prefab cabins, where there are usually premade or cookie-cutter elements, they stay away from this entirely. They offer an array of cabin styles from

  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Shabby chic
  • Industrial
  • Farmhouse

3. Yellowstone Log Homes

Manufacturing log cabins since 1962 in Idaho, you can count on Yellowstone to be one of the most recognized prefab manufacturers on the market. Their log homes can be found all across the United States, and they even do international shipping too all across the globe! They offer 39-floor plans and models. 

While they offer a few selections for their prefab hunting cabins, you will find that Yellowstone tends to focus more on luxury log homes, including basements, a chef’s kitchen, game rooms, and theater rooms. Their designs are very extravagant but also have the option to be affordable too.

4. Zook Cabins

Exciting in craftmanship and exquisite strength, all while still bringing the essence of rustic grandeur, Zook Cabins creates an impeccable combination of modern manufacturing and traditional gritty cabins. There’s a sense of nostalgia when looking at their designs. Their prefab cabins are built in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the heart of traditional cabins. 

All of their cabins can be delivered across the United States, except Hawaii, Alaska, and California. So, if you’re in one of these states, you’ll need to find another manufacturer. Zook Cabins offers several collections that their customers can select to fit their aesthetic needs. This includes

  • The Cottage Collection
  • Cozy Cabin Collection
  • The Mountain Home Collection

Each one of these provides freedom for customization and layout that matches the customer’s preference and style.

Prefab Hunting Cabin Design Ideas

So, what style are you after when it comes to prefab hunting cabins? Are you after something more traditional, or do you want that’s modern and minimalistic? Here are some design ideas you might want to consider for your prefab hunting cabin!

Old Meets New

Image source:

The American Log Homes and Cabins offer tiny homes and cute prefab hunting cabins that can be as small as 364 square feet or something a bit more generous such as 563 square feet. You’ll find this example (taken by a happy customer) shows how comfortable the spacing can be. On top of that, there’s this marvelous balance between older styling elements that are traditional to log cabins, but thanks to the points and angles, it creates this modern minimalism too. You get the best of both worlds.

Small But Mighty

Image Source:

Ulrich offers their Bear Lake Series, which is one of the most popular series. You get everything you could want in a prefab hunter’s cabin. You get the small compact size, but there’s enough space for all the necessities to make this a comfortable home. The Bear Lake Series packs quite the punch for its small size.

While you wouldn’t need to opt for this one, this can inspire you that, sometimes, all you need is one bedroom and one bathroom to suit your need for a hunter’s cabin. Never discredit the small spaces, as these prove to be mighty.

Rustic Bungalow

Image Source:

One of the designs Yellowstone Log Homes offers is in their “Affordable Log Homes” section. You’ll find this design offers all the elements of a modern log cabin while still embracing the rustic appearance it has.

Cottage Oasis

Image source:

The perfect design for suburban and rural living, you’ll feel as if you’re escaping into a little oasis everything you step inside this cute cottage. The Plymouth design from Zook Cabin’s is considered to be one of the more popular options that are offered. While most prefab hunting cabins lack porches or decks, this little cottage provides the perfect size porch so you can just sit on a rocking chair and a glass of iced tea and just relax.

Considerations Before Buying a Prefab Hunting Cabin

While prefab cabins can be that wonderful luxury that anyone could easily benefit from, it’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t just make this purchase for a while. You will need to compare styles, designs, amenities, and the quality that the manufacturer provides. So, here are some common considerations you may want to take a look at before ordering your prefab hunting cabin.


Just like when it comes to buying a traditional home, when it comes to prefab cabins, you’re also going to want to consider this. This prefab cabin is yours; you’re going to want this to match your personality, interests, lifestyle, and aesthetics. Plus, there are so many finishes you might want to consider for this prefab cabin, too, such as the siding, flooring, and the color of the wood itself. Just make sure to hunt around for what designs you like best.


Before you can jump into this purchase, you’ll need a plot of land for this to be placed on, and it can’t just be any plot of land. This needs to be spacious enough for the cabin. Whether you want this as a second home or your main home, a good location is going to have to count. Plus, the assembly may happen right on the plot of land itself. So make sure that this is going to be the most appropriate spot.


One major difference between a standard prefab cabin and a prefab hunting cabin is going to be the size itself. You have to remember that prefab cabins are small. Therefore, they’re only going to contain the necessities to make the hunting cabin functional mostly. The ideal size of a hunting cabin is around 200 to 600 square feet in space. You’re essentially going to expect this to be no bigger than three rooms, so maybe a small bathroom, kitchenette, living room, and maybe a bedroom if it’s a lofted cabin.


As far as making the prefab cabin into your dream home, why not consider the customization? Most manufacturers will focus on bringing customizations and try to get the customer to collaborate. These added extra features can make a world of difference. So, consider this and what features you would want in your prefab hunting cabin.


While prefab hunting cabins may be significantly cheaper than traditional log cabins, giving you financial flexibility, you’re still going to want to consider the additional costs that may be needed. How do you plan to finance the cabin? Is there financing or payment plans? You shouldn’t forget other financial obligations, such as repairs, insurance, taxes, and even the installation cost of the prefab cabin.

Should You Get a Prefab Hunting Cabin?

While these are perfect for the hunters at heart, and even those who are looking for a cozy little oasis in the wilderness, it’s going to be up to you on whether or not you should invest in one. These are the perfect size for bringing the cabin in the woods fantasy life, all without the major financial burdens that typical log cabins bring. With the number of different manufacturers and styles out there, you should easily be able to create the cabin that you deserve to own!

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