Certainteed Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding Review Alternatives

Certainteed Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Todd Gillman

December 24,2022

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Vinyl shake siding is an excellent option if you enjoy the appearance of cedar wood shake siding but would prefer a more cost-effective and maintenance-free substitute.

Technology developments have made it possible for manufacturers to create vinyl shake siding that nearly matches genuine wood in look. It is strong and long-lasting, and it also needs little maintenance.

Vinyl cedar shake siding is sold by a large number of merchants, and it is made by several manufacturers. In this article, we'll look at CertainTeed's vinyl shake, prices, and product reviews. We'll also examine a couple of additional sources for vinyl cedar shake siding.

Benefits of Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Benefits of Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Vinyl cedar shake siding is a fantastic option for your home's exterior. The advantages of vinyl shake siding include the following:

You can customize it. Vinyl shake is available in almost any pattern and color option, so whatever your preferred color or texture, there is probably a vinyl shake for you.

You can depend on it. Vinyl shake siding can withstand almost all weather conditions, and you won't need to perform time-consuming maintenance procedures like painting or sanding. 

You can easily install it. Vinyl shake can be installed by the DIY-savvy homeowner and isn't any more challenging to do so than the natural wood variety.

CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Siding

One of the oldest and largest manufacturers of building products in the USA is CertainTeed. They sell the Northwoods range of premium vinyl shakes.

You can pick between a shake with a 7-inch straight edge and one with a 9-inch staggered edge. Both are offered in 17 exquisite colors.

These shakes are of extremely high quality, with a limited lifetime warranty and a Class 1(A) fire rating on .050" thick, premium quality vinyl. Actual cedar was used to create the authentic cedar impression finish, which has irregular patterns like real wood.

CertainTeed customers often review the vinyl shake favorably. Here is what customers who ordered the product on Amazon had to say:

"The CertainTeed vinyl cedar shake shingles are very firm and thick. They are very easy to install and are very secure once nailed. We used CertainTeed siding also and we are very pleased. Best feature was the ability to receive the product next day delivery from Amazon. Local supplier wasn't able to deliver for a week and the price was the same." -Karen

"Love It! looks sooo nice :)" -Edie

"This product looks great, easy to install & low maintenance. We've had several people tell us they thought it was actual cedar shakes. My wife and I installed about 100 SQ ft in about 4 hours with many angled cuts. We would definitely recommend this product." -Smithsinbloom

Customers who purchased CertainTeed vinyl shake siding on Modern Business Supply had this to say about the product:

"Initial concerns about melted interlock tabs on a few pieces had me thinking I got seconds but the defect did not affect application or finished look. Much heavier and more detail(looks more real) than other brands I have used. Installation requires diligence to ensure all interlock tabs are engaged. The look when done is far superior and more natRead more about Initial concerns about meltedural looking than competition. The best about them is being able to get home delivery in this time of limited stock.I should have ordered the starter strip with it as it has a distinctive bottom tab not compatible with regular siding starter strips and was hard to obtain locally. All in all good availability and good result." -Mark

"My husband and I both love the cedar shake we ordered. We wish we would have purchased for the whole house. Also the best part was the fast shipping!!" -Greta


The price of CertainTeed shake siding will range from $4.50 to $9.00 per square foot, depending on the features you select. The cost is for product only, and installation prices will vary depending on several factors, including location, architectural details, and whether the old siding is being torn down.

Alternatives to CertainTeed's

Alternatives to CertainTeed's

If you choose to purchase your vinyl shake siding from another manufacturer, you have a variety of options, including buying from Big Box stores. Here are three popular choices to consider:

Home Depot

Vinyl cedar shake siding is offered by Home Depot in a variety of (mostly neutral) colors. They sell products from the Ply Gem and Novik brands. At Home Depot, materials cost between $3.37 and $4.32 per square foot; installation costs are not included in this figure.

To prevent rotting, Novik is built of moisture-resistant vinyl. It is covered by a manufacturer's warranty and contains an installation feature called "fast fit." Ply Gem produces superb vinyl cedar shake siding that has the look of rough-sawn cedar but doesn't require the same level of maintenance. The manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty is popular among customers.


Lowe's sells vinyl cedar shake siding that is made by Novik and Georgia-Pacific. Compared to Novik, Georgia-Pacific provides greater color possibilities.

To prevent rotting, Novik is built of moisture-resistant vinyl. It is covered by a manufacturer's warranty and contains an installation feature called "fast fit." 

The average price per square foot for the Novik brand of vinyl cedar shake siding at Lowe's is $3.55. At about $7 per square foot, Georgia-options Pacific's vinyl shake products are more expensive.


Foundry is renowned for its adaptability, thanks to its extensive selection of specialty colors and innovative designs. They provide 40 common colors, and their vinyl molds are made from actual cedar planks for a more realistic and natural appearance.

Depending on where you purchase, the price of Foundry vinyl cedar shake varies slightly, but you should prepare to pay between $6 and $7 per square foot.

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