Building Materials Design Ideas

Collin Fowler
December 24,2022

15 Stunning Apartment Building Design Ideas for Architects and Building Owners

There is something to be said about having an apartment building design that looks elegant on the outside and in. Your apartment’s exterior makes a massive impression on potential renters, not to mention the guests who tend to visit them. A good exterior will get a higher rent price and also attract people who you […]

Collin Fowler
December 24,2022

8 Inexpensive Rustic Porch Ceiling Ideas

There is something innately beautiful about a country home with a rustic porch. Everyone always has a new idea on what to include for porch furniture, but when it comes to the ceiling, it’s a different story.  Finding inexpensive porch ceiling ideas with a rustic twist isn’t easy. That’s why we came up with some […]

17 Exterior Wainscoting Design Ideas 16
Jeff Guthrie
December 09,2022

17 Stunning Exterior Wainscoting Design Ideas

When people think of wainscoting, they tend to assume that it’s best for interiors only. This is not true! You can use wainscoting as a part of your exterior, too. It actually is a major trend among architects and real estate investors looking to modernize a home. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these […]

Gingerbread House Trim Ideas
Jackie Kaufman
October 19,2022

13 Gingerbread House Trim Design Ideas

When you were young, did you ever want to live in a gingerbread house? Gingerbread house trim is there to help channel your inner child and get you the whimsy you want in your real-life home. But, how do you get that perfect trim to work with the architecture of your house? We have the […]