5 Blue Vinyl Shake Siding Design Ideas

5 Blue Vinyl Shake Siding Design Ideas

Jeff Guthrie

December 24,2022

Jeff Guthrie, founder of Phoenix Roofing and Repair is a lead Building Product Advisor on Roofing and Siding materials.

Did you know that blue is the most commonly-cited favorite color in the world? It’s true, and it’s easy to see why. Blue is a tranquil color that reminds people of nature. It’s in the sky, in the oceans, and of course, on the feathers of beautiful birds.  

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people love the idea of having a blue home. Blue vinyl shake siding is one of the ways that people get their wishes. But, how do you use it well? This guide will give you some cute ideas that can push you to the right home design for your needs.

1. Eiffel 65 Would Be Proud

Eiffel 65 Would Be Proud

Source: SBC Cedar

If you want to have a very bold look for your home, match your home’s roof to the blue vinyl shake that you use on the home’s exterior. This house has a lot of blue in it—and it’s bright blue, too. While it’s a bold move, it’s clear that this look paid off. It’s stunning. 

The key to avoiding a major aesthetic mistake here is to add at least a little white trim to balance things out. In this case, the white trim was also accented with a cute brass starfish screen on the front of the house. 

2. Light Blue Vinyl Shake Siding

Light Blue Vinyl Shake Siding

Source: House and Barns

This gorgeous barn-inspired home isn’t just a wonder of architecture. It’s also a great inspirational model for people who want to avoid the typical blue-grey shake color in favor of something a bit more pastel. 

Baby blue is a great pick for people who want to enjoy vinyl shake exteriors that look uplifting, happy, and cheerful. Here, you can see it paired with a grey roof. The grey adds a little cohesion, while the white trim accents help increase the brightness of the look.

3. Dark Blue Old World Americana Vinyl Shake Siding

Old World Americana

Source: AlluraUSA

Blue shake vinyl siding is generally paired with light-colored trim and shutters, but that’s not always a good choice. In the case of historic homes, it may not even make much sense to go for a light shade. Back in the days of yore, darker color schemes were more common.

Here, we see a fascinating take on blue vinyl shake color schemes. The dark red and dark navy blue actually work out well together—surprisingly well! A little bit of neutral coloring can be seen in the window shutters. The end result? A home that looks like it’s straight from 1776.

4. Cool Cobalt Vinyl Shake Siding

Cool Cobalt

Source: Best Life

Dark blue tends to give homes a modern look, which is why it’s starting to become increasingly popular with craftsman-style homes. Of course, there’s one classic way to make sure that the blue you pick really pops: pair it with white trim.

The homeowner in the photo above wanted to get a gorgeous, eye-grabbing look for their home. To do this, they paired dark grey-blue with white trim. Then, to add a touch of warmth, they got a dark red cherry wooden door as a focal point. The end result is gorgeous and surprisingly welcoming.

5. Just Blue Through

Just Blue Through Vinyl Shake Siding

Source: The Family Handyman

Blue shake siding doesn’t have to be the bulk of your home’s exterior. Sometimes, the fact that you’re using shake is more about the texture than the color. Here, its use is both due to the color and the texture. 

The blue shake adds a gradient look thanks to the cement exterior and stone garage. It also (obviously) adds a fair amount of texture and dimension to the design. To help balance out all the cool shades, they added a pair of cherry wood-print garage doors. Nice!

We’re Shakin’, Not Stirred

Blue vinyl shake has a lot of appealing qualities. The biggest one, of course, is that you get to enjoy the gorgeous look of your favorite color all over the front of your home.

However, that still means that you need to choose the right trim, shutters, and roofing for your house’s look. Of course, that’s another article altogether. 

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