15 Stunning Apartment Building Design Ideas for Architects and Building Owners


Collin Fowler

December 24,2022

Collin Fowler is an architect with extensive experience in both commercial and residential builds. He is the lead Building Product Advisor researcher on the latest and most innovative building products on the market.

There is something to be said about having an apartment building design that looks elegant on the outside and in. Your apartment’s exterior makes a massive impression on potential renters, not to mention the guests who tend to visit them. A good exterior will get a higher rent price and also attract people who you want to have as renters. 

But, what is “hot” these days? Take a look at these amazing apartment building design ideas to get a better concept for your next investment.

15 Apartment Building Designs for Architects and Building Owners

1. Colorful Covered Terraces


This striking trio of apartment buildings created their own courtyard and alleyway. To make it look more unified, the area is done up in a white theme and furnished with primary colors signifying each building’s typical theme. 

It’s European, old world, and yet at the same time, a totally modern take on what it means to have an apartment. 

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com

2. Coolin’ On Concrete


A concrete exterior is usually seen as a cheap, industrial look that isn’t really luxurious…until now! This gorgeous Mexican apartment building used elevated Bauhaus style to add that extra “oomph” the place needed to catch eyes. It’s stylish and oh, so unique!

Image Source: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com

3. A Classic Take on Apartment Design

It’s amazing what a little lighting can do for a place, isn’t it? This standard apartment building style can be found almost everywhere from New York to Easten Europe. Here, we see it getting a quick makeover with some smartly-placed lights. 

Image Source: https://www.polingerco.com

4. Color & Texture


Textured exteriors are hot right now, but why stick to just a simple texture? Here, we see the owners of Amp apartments give their building a splash of color for a more nuanced, multifaceted look that still wows and grabs attention. 

Image Source: https://resource.rentcafe.com

5. Woodn’t You Love This?


We know we’d love seeing this gorgeous, rich wood exterior on the outside of our apartment. Wood exteriors offer a luxe, rustic touch that people can’t ignore. Wood is decadent. And in this case, you can feature it on the outside. 

Image Source: https://gstatic.com

6. The Beige and the Beautiful


If there is one trend that really took off, it’s beige exteriors that have gorgeous, warm lighting. Here, we see student dorms that are given a crisp, clean look that remains popular among architects and students alike. It’s simple, chic, and affordable!

Image Source: https://circaproperties.com

7. Window Wonders


Different window sizes offer a surprisingly striking twist on a typical apartment building facade. It’s easy to see how this take on architecture has started to stand out among the rest. Daring? Yes. Stylish? Absolutely.

Image Source: https://cdn.5280.com

8. Say It In Spanish


Spanish style architecture offers a very warming look that remains welcoming year-round. This concept for a large-scale apartment complex looks phenomenal. However, it can also be used for a particularly large building. Cali vibes, much? 

Image Source: https://monarcharchitecture.com

9. Italian Glam


With those beautiful columns, cream colored walls, and Venetian accents, it’s easy to see that this architect was inspired by the most elegant parts of Italy. While this might be “old school,” it’s still insanely popular among fans of Mediterranean design. 

Image Source: https://media.cntraveler.com/

10. All Glassed Up


Are you working on a new high-rise apartment? If so, congratulations. You have the type of airspace to make channeling New York City glam easy. Glassfront apartments are a great choice for people who want to give their area an upscale look.

Image Source:  https://www.reonomy.com

11. Stone Cold Cool


Stone and glass come together in a beautiful, artistic way in this striking Denver high rise apartment. The stone is brushed and textured, yet placed in large enough panels to give the exterior a crisp look. It’s unique, stylish, and cute. 

Image Source: https://assets.myzeki.com

12. Not Square


If you want your building to be iconic, then you might as well make sure that it stands out in a way that can’t be ignored. Isn’t it amazing what having a building that has a shape all its own can do? Whether or not you want to be daring enough to paint it dark grey, though, is up to you. 

Image Source: https://architizer-prod.imgix.net

13. Stair-ing At Color


A splash of color along visible stairs or elevator shafts can do wonders when it comes to the overall style of an apartment building. This designer came up with a cute way to add color without it being too heavy-handed. 

Image Source: https://cloudfront.net

14. Go Green


Rooftop gardening takes on a whole new level when you check out the latest architecture trend. Green apartments that feature lawns on the rooftop can help your building cool down and also improve the air quality around town. In some cases, it could even be a tax write-off. Neat!

Image Source: https://www.forbes.com/

15. Kick It Retro


Image Source: https://www.roadarch.com

Mid-century modern architecture remains popular among consumers and architects alike. If you can’t find any good ideas that look futuristic, adding a little bit of retro flair will always be a welcome way to make your building look amazing. 

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