Acelab: Revolutionizing Building Product Sourcing for Architects

Brian Jeffries

July 28,2023

Brian Jeffries, a seasoned BPA Advisor. Brian is dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge on construction projects and materials. With a focus on architecture and building envelopes, Brian contributes valuable insights that shape the discourse around innovative construction practices and materials.

In the ever-evolving world of architecture and construction, the process of sourcing building products has long been plagued by inefficiencies and outdated methods. Architects, manufacturers, contractors, and clients often find themselves grappling with cumbersome processes, relying on paper-based spec sheets and constant communication to procure the right materials. Enter Acelab, a game-changing software company that has set out to transform the way building products are discovered, compared, and procured. This article explores the vision and impact of Acelab in the architectural landscape, revolutionizing the way professionals interact with the vast database of building products.

Before we delve into the details, take just 1 minute to watch the product trailer below:

Out with the Old, In with the New

Traditionally, manufacturers have spent substantial amounts of money on business development, attempting to advertise their products to architects. The distribution of pamphlets and the use of outdated spreadsheets and word documents have been the norm. However, this approach has proven to be inefficient and time-consuming for all parties involved. Acelab recognized this challenge and embarked on a mission to overhaul the archaic system, creating a win-win information marketplace.

The Acelab Solution

Drawing inspiration from the seamless product filtering experiences on modern retail websites, Acelab introduced a revolutionary platform for architects, manufacturers, contractors, and clients. At its core, Acelab digitizes and automates the manual processes of sourcing building materials and drafting spec sheets. For manufacturers, Acelab serves as a high-ROI business development tool, offering a direct channel to provide up-to-date product specs to customers online, eliminating the need for outdated pamphlets.

Empowering Architects

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For architects, Acelab provides an intelligent search feature that streamlines the product selection process. From sourcing materials like hospital handrails, synthetic stucco, or verifying building code insulation requirements, architects are no longer burdened by sifting through piles of pamphlets or making countless phone calls to verify product availability and customizations. Architects can now filter and review products that precisely fit their project criteria. This newfound efficiency empowers architects to make well-informed procurement decisions and avoid delays or misordered items.

Passionate Founders, Promising Execution

Acelab's journey began with its founders, Vardhan and Dries, who exhibited a remarkable commitment to creating a customer-obsessed platform. Their personal experiences as former students and licensed architects gave them a deep understanding of the pain points in the industry. Their passion for developing an exceptional product that would spare the next generation of architects from the hassles of manual spec sheet creation is evident in their approach.

Embracing the Future

Acelab's innovative approach quickly garnered attention, attracting substantial investment in its $3.5M seed round from prominent investors, including Pillar VC, Draper Associates, MIT MET Fund, and others. With over 25 pilot partners on board and a talented team blending technical expertise and industry experience, Acelab has made remarkable progress in a short span.

Unlocking the Potential

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As Acelab joins the ranks of pioneering companies in the construction tech space, its potential impact on the $440BN building products market cannot be underestimated. By bridging the gap between manufacturers and architects, Acelab enhances the flow of information, streamlines decision-making, and paves the way for a more efficient and collaborative construction ecosystem.

Building Product Advisor’s Take on Acelab

In the world of architecture and construction, Acelab stands tall as a beacon of progress. Through its intelligent platform, architects can now easily discover the perfect building products for their projects, while manufacturers enjoy an effective channel to showcase their offerings. The days of cumbersome paper-based processes and outdated spec sheets are fading away, making room for a new era of efficient building product sourcing. With Acelab leading the charge, architects and building professionals can look forward to a brighter, more streamlined future in their endeavors.

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