The Best 500 Gallon Septic Tanks in 2023


Roger Marx

December 24,2022

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Talking about human waste does not top most people’s list of favorite subjects. As such, it can be easy to gloss over the septic tank as one of the necessary evils of home ownership and just assume that anything will do. After all, what’s the big deal about a giant tank that collects all of a household’s waste water?

A lot, actually.

Your septic tank filters your blackwater (wastewater that contains urine and feces) to prevent it from contaminating the adjacent ground and will also treat and kill any harmful bacteria found in greywater (waste water from dishwashing, showering, etc.).

Choosing a septic tank that is too small will result in overflows and foul odors, while choosing a septic tank that is too large may result in water shortages and pressure issues that prevent the tank from working correctly.

In addition, it is essential that you have your tank properly installed in an adequate drainage field and have it regularly serviced to guarantee optimal functionality. 

With this in mind, a 500 gallon septic tank is a popular size for smaller homes or those homes with access to more regular service. In addition, 500 gallon tanks are seeing a surge in popularity thanks to the explosion of traveling nomads, tiny home connoisseurs, and any other lifestyles that have more modest space accessibility.

If a 500 gallon septic tank fits the bill for your waste water needs, keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the 5 best 500 gallon septic tanks for 2023. 

1. Norwesco 500 Gallon Septic Tank from Tank Depot


Image source: Tank Depot

For those people looking for an elite below-ground septic tank, the Norwesco 500 gallon septic tank fits the bill. Lightweight but incredibly durable, this septic tank is fabricated from rotationally molded polyurethane resin that is highly resistant to cracks. The seamless design is one of the best options on the market for withstanding the elements and is given full approval by the FDA for waste water storage. Other key features of the Norwesco 500 gallon tank include:

  • A single 20-inch manhole with one compartment
  • Lightweight for its size (171 pounds), making it easy to load in a pickup truck and carry with just two people
  • Strategically placed ribs enhance the structural integrity of the tank
  • 101"L x 51"W x 47"H

Clients note that this tank is very intuitive and easy to use. Norwesco also gets very high marks for their customer service.

2. 500 Gallon Coon Single Compartment Septic Tank


Image Source: Polytank Sales

The 500 gallon coon single compartment septic tank is a great option for those people looking to move away from cumbersome concrete septic tanks. Constructed and designed for durability and quick easy installation, makes it a popular choice. Other key features of this tank include:

  • A 24-inch manhole that opens into a single compartment
  • Full compliance with FDA standards 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for waste water storage
  • Inlet-45″ to bottom
  • Complete with lids and PVC pipe
  • 60" Length x 52" Width x 59" Height

When installing this tank below ground, 25% internal backfill is required to equalize the pressure between the outside and the inside of the tank. This allows the tank to remain in the ground even while empty. 

3. 500 Gallon Single Compartment Low Profile Septic Tank from Snyder Industries


Image Source: Snyder Industries

Another top choice in the 500 gallon septic tank realm is the single compartment low profile septic tank from Snyder Industries. Fabricated from high density polyethylene (HDPE), it is well constructed to withstand the elements and provide a crack resistant solution for waste water storage. Other key features of this Snyder tank include:

  • One 20-inch manhole opening into a single compartment
  • Strategic ribbing to help disperse compressive forces
  • No special assembly, backfill, or water filling required prior to use
  • 189 pounds
  • 48 inch diameter and 42 inch height

This low profile 500 gallon septic tank comes with a three year warranty and is guaranteed to be free of any material defects or workmanship.

4. Den Hartog 500 Gallon Plastic Septic Pump Tank from Tank Depot


Image Source: Tank Depot

The Den Hartog 500 gallon plastic septic pump tank is a great option for people looking for top-notch durability while also getting an affordable tank that is easy to install. Manufactured using the most rigorous quality controls, this tough tank uses high-density polyethylene with special UV inhibitors to prevent sun damage. Some other key features of this 500 gallon tank include:

  • Horizontal flow that accommodates below ground installation up to 36 inches
  • Deep trapezoidal ribs to help transfer compressive forces and enhance durability
  • Interior baffle system to optimize filtration and slow the flow of wastewater
  • A custom molded gasket in the lid to keep the tank watertight
  • 242 pounds
  • 63"L x 63"W x 74"H

Clients also recommend Den Hartog for its outstanding customer care. It has been a family-owned business since 1976 with a motto of “Always at your service.”

5. Snyder 500 Gallon Dominator Spherical Septic Tank from Tank Depot


Image Source: Snyder Industries

The Snyder 500 gallon dominator spherical septic tank is one of the most innovative 500 gallon tanks on the market. Its unique spherical shape promotes durability by deflecting compressive force in underground applications. Fabricated from molded polyethylene resin, it is extremely crack resistant in the face of a wide range of conditions. Some other key features of the Snyder 500 gallon dominator include:

  • Complete approval from the FDA as a waste water storage receptacle
  • Strong enough to remain buried underground even when empty
  • A single compartment with a 20-inch manhole
  • Light enough to be carried by two people and transported in a pickup truck
  • A pump stand molded into the bottom of the tank
  • 60"L x 60"W x 63"H

The Snyder 500 gallon dominator also comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty that protects the user against manufacturing defects and errors in workmanship.

Is a 500 Gallon Septic Tank Big Enough?

If you have little experience with plumbing and sanitation, you may be wondering if a 500 gallon septic tank is big enough. While it sounds enormous, is it really sufficient for handling all of a home’s blackwater and greywater disposal?

For context, most RVs have an attached waste water receptacle of between 15 and 40 gallons. This will usually last two people as little as 10 days or as much as one month before it needs to be serviced.

While a 500 gallon tank is much bigger than what comes with an RV, it is actually among the smallest tanks found in most residential homes. Some other common septic tank sizes for residential homes include 750, 1,000, 1,250, and 1,500 gallons.

As a rule of thumb, a household of two will need to have a 500 gallon tank pumped out every 2.5 years, while a family of five will need to have a 1,500 gallon tank pumped out every 3.5 years.

While it may be tempting to simply get a larger tank to avoid servicing it as often, remember that getting a tank that is too large will result in water pressure issues that keep it from functioning properly. This can lead to bacteria buildup and performance issues that affect the entire plumbing system and surrounding landscape.

Therefore, it is critical that you know your household’s waste water needs prior to picking a septic tank. If your household’s wastewater consumption is modest, then a 500 gallon tank will definitely be preferable over larger models. 

What Are the Advantages of a 500 Gallon Tank?

As mentioned, a 500 gallon tank is better for households with modest waste water needs. It keeps the water flow more concentrated and provides the requisite pressure for moving the waste water through the pump and releasing treated water into the drainage field. 

In addition, 500 gallon tanks are more affordable than larger models, and significantly more affordable than trying to connect the home to the city’s sewage system.

Given the increased interest in tiny homes, RV living, and other types of nomadic lifestyles, the 500 gallon tank makes the perfect choice. It is voluminous enough to handle “parkers” for an extended period but lightweight and portable enough to make for easy transportation to the next location. Although strong enough to withstand below ground use even in an empty state, modern 500 gallon tanks can also work in above-ground applications as well thanks to UV resistant plastic fabrications. 

The Bottom Line: The 5 Best 500 Gallon Septic Tanks for 2023

The 500 gallon septic tank is increasing in popularity in 2023. To serve this burgeoning market, there are a number of quality 500 gallon tanks for sale. Many of the best models are lightweight and easy to transport with only two people and fabricated in a seamless, high-density plastic design to ensure durability for both above- and below-ground applications. If you have been unhappy with your waste water disposal situation, choose from one of the innovative 500 gallon tanks listed above to better serve your needs!

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